What a hassle

So it's not enough to take kids you have never met, know NOTHING of their past or their future but never less take them into your home to love them and care for their basics needs. You are also required to usher them to various appointments. Ok, I accept ALL that but the hassle truly comes from trying to get the paperwork needed in order to take care of their basic needs. Yes, I am speaking of the State. I don't blame the people themselves because I worked for the American Red Cross for MANY years and I understand how insane it is working within a system that only cares about the 'buck.' Those 'bucks' belonging only to those you never see. The ones making triple digit incomes. The ones who have to make up changes and rules in order to give them job security. It ALWAYS amazed me when management was REQUIRED to show change. To come up with ideas that would cut costs (though the senior mgt. never cut their wages or their travel expenses or retreat expenses) and how to cut staff and how to make the systems within each department reflect so called improvement. All it did was keep staff stressed and used more money to make the required changes. Something as simple as changing titles every few months. It was ridiculous and yet it caused such havoc. Taking regulated documents and changing titles required months of work, tons of signatures and at least a small forest of trees. SOOOoooo, I understand that caseworkers are not totally to blame...though I do know for a fact several things have fallen through the cracks because of the one these kids are assigned to. For 4 weeks I was on the phone almost daily checking up on paperwork, setting appointments, and asking questions. Dare I say I think things may have smoothed out? I have the necessary medical cards for them now....or at least for this month. Appointments have been set. LB is on WIC (WIC is one of the most amazing programs. They are organized, friendly, and actually offer services that are truly helpful.>
Today will be the foster kids first (of many I am afraid)dentist appointment. MK already said she is scared of dentists and screamed the last time she went. Oh joy! I have assured her I will not let them hurt her and this is a new dentist who I am sure is VERY gentle with kids. "Please God, let him be gentle with kids." He does after all only accept the Oregon Health Plan for foster kids. That says something about his nature.
The state called to place an almost two year old. It was oh so tempting...but I had to say no for now. I have to get these kids leveled out first. I think I saw the little one at the DHS office the other day. It's a good thing I said no before I saw her. What a little doll. Oh my gosh. We will most likely have one more child placed, when the time is right. When I have my nose above water that is.
OH....you probably thought I couldn't blog without mentioning my beautiful new grand baby...well you are right....I couldn't!!!!


Interesting post! Are you a foster carer? I like your blog.

Please also check out my blog - I'm a Canadian living and working in Ghana, West AFrica, and writing about the bizarreness of it all...



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