It's in the mail

I did it. It's in the mail. The letter notifying our district of our intent to Home School our children. Multnomah County had a link for a template you could use, so I did. Fast and easy...just fill in the blanks, sign and date and Viola!

As I stated in a previous post, "One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus," I won't be using a curriculum this year for home school but I will be using work books for Math. Math is my weak area and I need the help in order to teach my girls. I found work books, of all places, at Walgreens. They had lower level and grade level for my girls. They were 2.99 each and will work just fine. Funny how a small purchase like that can remove about half a ton of weight off the shoulders. We bought some school supplies for cheap and I am beginning to feel we are ready to set sail. Well almost. I do need to carve out some time to make somewhat of a schedule. I say somewhat because I don't believe we will be following a schedule but for my own sake I need a plan. I need to have some guidance for myself. I have started a list of places we will visit. I have also started a list of books we will read. Having a little one home will change things some from the original plan but it will work out fine.
Now to decide on a date to start 'School.' My public school kids will be starting September 3rd and September 4th....we may just wait til September 8th. Start on a Monday. Sounds good, we will see.


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