Saturday, August 29, 2009

This stuff is rough.....

So I am sharing my heart here. I know God's truth and I have faith but right at this moment this is my mommy heart.....

My oldest daughter is 21, pregnant and not married. That was one hill to manage...and we did. The daddy now lives with said daughter. No I do not agree this is what is best, but it's their choice and I still love her. THEN said daddy who applied for the Navy months ago NOW has an entry date. October 7th. heart struggles painfully. This Mommy's mind is whirling. I had dealt with the fact my baby girl would travel this world with this sailor...but when I considered that, I did not consider the fact my baby girl would indeed have her own baby when traveling. Now the thought of her leaving is breaking my heart. The thought of her figuring out this motherhood business on her own makes me sad. The fact she will be where there are no friends, only her boyfriend/fiancee/husband (whatever he will be) makes me want to cry. I know she will survive...I KNOW I should not worry....I KNOW kids grow up...but truth is...this sucks! This is not how her life should be. You know...those young mom dreams/fantasies you have for your kids. She should have met a man who was educated, established in a career and engaged, married, and started a family. Was that too much to ask? So I will keep the smile on my face for her. I will encourage her. I will LOVE her with all my heart and try not to cry too often in front of her. Then when and IF the day comes that she too ships out....I will retreat to my bedroom, cry til I can't cry anymore and then text her non stop for the next several years. oh how I wish my kids were little again. Life was so much easier when all you had to deal with was poopy diapers, snotty noses and the occasional vomit. I would take that back ANY day! This adult kid stuff is rough!

I am happy for the 'dad.' Really I am. I know this is what he was wanting and was so disappointed it took so long to get in. So he is thrilled and quite well he should be. His family does not back him in his decision. So, I am happy for him....but right now...this is my blog, my heart, my venting.

So, she will spend the last of pregnancy alone in her apartment (I will be with her all I can) and we will pray the 'dad' will be able to come home for the birth...but? I am thankful she will be near for that....she will be near for the first 1 or 2 months...and then...who knows...time will tell. The flip if she is with him then she can be a stay at home mom, which is what she desires!

If I could live to be an old women who lives on a huge piece of property with all her children living in their own home on the same property....I would then die a happy happy woman!

So, now that has been shared....I will end in saying God will see us through and I can not add one hour to my life with worrying about all this. Plus You never know....God may have the government place a naval base in Portland Oregon afterall.....Nothing is impossible with God! This adult kid!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Good Read-'Your Own Jesus'

This is a good book. It helps the reader to refocus their faith and encourages them to a deeper relationship with Jesus. It's an easy read, enjoyable and insightful.

Friday, August 21, 2009

"Show Us Your Life" at Kelly's Corner Friday

This week at Kelly's Korner she is highlighting 'Baby Showers. I held a baby shower last year for my Daughter In-Law. She was going to give birth to my first grandchild. It was a pretty typical baby shower....with the exception of a few twists I threw in here and there.....Such as for the 'name the white powder' game, for the tie breaker I took a jar of sweet corn baby food, added green food coloring and they had to name the flavor. Changing the color of food has a big impact on flavor...just look at their faces! It too them several guesses to get it right.
That is the grandma and the Great Grandma in a 'taste off.'

Then....since Dad was present at the shower....we did the 'how long is the string' game. Where usually you cut off a piece of string that you believe will be the same size as moms waist...since most of the attendants had been to previous showers I did not have to explain the rules of the game....hence I did not have to lie. BECAUSE the twist they were unaware of was the measurement was to be of Daddy's waste! It was a huge crackup....lots of fun!

P.S. I am having a shower for my daughter in November. She is 'giving' me another precious little December. She has expressed wanting to have an 'LA Dodgers' shower. Any great ideas or connections for inexpensive sport themed items would be appreciated!

My little guy is 1

On August 8th my grandson turned 1. I can't believe it was a year ago we waited with such anticipation for his arrival. He is so beautiful and precious. He has a gentle and kind his mommy and daddy. He is a doll and I am so thankful for him.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Caution: Curve Ahead

As we, my family, continue this journey there are some big changes coming for two of my kiddos. Changes that could potentially alter their personalities but i am praying it won't and if it does, I pray it's only to strengthen them.

Please be praying for the heart and spirit of these two 'littles.' We as humans alter the perfect design for families through selfish self centered choices. Then the youngest members of the family suffer for it. They have no control and are not allowed any decision making. They are just pulled along in the life.

Since the 'two' came to live with us it has been my prayer for healing, healing on their parents and healing of the two 'littles.' Always praying Gods will be done. So as the road is starting to make a turn I am praying for God to hold our hands a little tighter and help us around the curve.....and I know he will. He desires for these kids to be loved, happy, and safe. He will continue to work out that plan.

God bless my kids!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I finally asked someone to tell me how to change the name of a link...I never had time to figure it out....ok maybe I just never took time to figure it out...but now I know and it's sooooo simple. Thanks to MY FRIEND I can now title the links I insert. only took me over a year! I know...I'm an overachiever! ha!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Favorite Vacation Spots

My all time fav spots are all on the Oregon Coast. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Oregon coast and I am very proud of it. It's beautiful, peaceful, serene, and FUN!!! We go there as much as possible which isn't as much as we would like but at least it is driving distance.

My other fav is the Happiest Place on Earth. I have been a total of 3 times but it was the last 2 times I went that were the best. The first time when I was in high school and the singing group I was a part of went. The second time was in 2000 when I took my older two kids and my niece. We had a great time BUT the dream that came true was the trip I took back in October of 08. My two youngest girls and I saved and saved and we finally was able to go. We had the best time ever. An absolute perfect beautiful trip. They are now both Disneyland lovers. I would love to be able to go more often but working hard to be able to go makes you appreciate it so much.

AND the place I DREAM of going on vacation......I have dreamed this since I was little.....


Someday that dream will be realized. It's a dream of beaches, palm trees, lounging, relaxation and NO kids with me.....unless they are over 18 and paying for the trip.

That is my future VaK!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pray for Me Pray for Others

Pray for MeWe participate in "Pray for Me... Pray for Others" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check out their blog to add your prayer request. Join a community of friends who care about you, and hope you will care about them.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


As part of our women's 'Reconnection' at our place of fellowship we have been studying the Fruit of the Spirit...the 4th one being patience. I enjoyed the information so, but what has spoken to me even more is when I looked up the King James Version this week. Instead of says Longsuffering. Part of our study of patience was how many, if not most, times we are taught patience by experiencing trials. Patience isn't given to's is learned. So when I read the word 'Longsuffering' my heart was so stirred. YES...that's it. suffer for a period of time with or for something. If you are experiencing a may suffer long before the resolution comes. If you are praying for a loved may pray for a 'long' while for them. This is the patience. Be prepared to wait...wait on the Lord. Wait for his answer. Wait for his result. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Wait....and wait some more. Be strong and continue on. Pray pray and pray some more. Suffer long for those you love. Suffer long for those you love and don't even know. Suffer long for that marriage. Suffer long for that person who does not know the lord. Suffer long...have patience for the answer is ahead of you. The answer will come in God's timing. We know that in all things God works to the GOOD. We have many examples of this....the one that we studied is Joseph. After his ordeal of being betrayed by his brothers and taken to a foreign land as a slave....he was then imprisoned for 2 or more years. An innocent man. A man of God. A faithful man of God. Imprisoned...he continued in his faith. He continued to pray and little did he know God had the plan in motion. God had the answer waiting in the future. Because of his faith, God had him released, promoted to a great position and then best of all he was restored with his family, saved his family, and was part of the wonderful genealogy of Jesus! How amazing.
So stick to the way...the way of Jesus. Do not give up. Continue to pray...continue to love him. Suffer long......longsuffering....patience. We do not know what tomorrow brings but we do KNOW who brings tomorrow. Keep your heart, mind, soul, and eyes on HIM. The plan is in motion, the answer is on the way.........................

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too hot

Though my girls always say "mom...your hot !" (they do it to make me laugh) but that is not why it's been too hot! This darn heat wave we have been having. I am just not a heat fan....would that be a pun? :-) I can do one day or two...but three or more...I get cranky. The house gets messy, the laundry piles and it just creates crankiness. Now I know there are people who live this all the time..but worse. I am really. I'm sorry you suffer so...but at this moment, on my blog I am discussing my crankiness! It's hot. We have 3 AC's going and it still gets hot. I am so thankful for those AC's though. Without them we would have had to go to a hotel in order for me to survive. Today has been better and it promised to get better in the couple of day. We may even have some rain. There is hope! So, when it's hot I don't blog as much and I don't email as much. The PC is just too hot!

So that is my summer rant. I am hoping and praying the 'wave' is over and we can go back to the hotness in the house just being me... not because it's 106 outside but because my girls are saying "you're really, you're Hot!!!" lol

I love my girls