Caution: Curve Ahead

As we, my family, continue this journey there are some big changes coming for two of my kiddos. Changes that could potentially alter their personalities but i am praying it won't and if it does, I pray it's only to strengthen them.

Please be praying for the heart and spirit of these two 'littles.' We as humans alter the perfect design for families through selfish self centered choices. Then the youngest members of the family suffer for it. They have no control and are not allowed any decision making. They are just pulled along in the life.

Since the 'two' came to live with us it has been my prayer for healing, healing on their parents and healing of the two 'littles.' Always praying Gods will be done. So as the road is starting to make a turn I am praying for God to hold our hands a little tighter and help us around the curve.....and I know he will. He desires for these kids to be loved, happy, and safe. He will continue to work out that plan.

God bless my kids!


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