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A new addition

I would love to say it's a new baby, a child, a new (to us) 12-18 passenger van...but hence, it is not. It's a new pet for my daughter. We didn't need anymore pets and I especially never wanted a 'reptile' but...this one was free with the entire set up. could I say no? In response to that question my Mom would tell me "just say NO!" haha...but I guess that's just me. I do know for a fact there is one creature that will never be in our home, invited, and that is a snake. But I bent on this one....we now own a Fat Tailed Gecko named.................drum roll please: 'SPYRO'

Random Pics

Want to post...can't seem to find the time or focus to do so. I have deleted 3 postings because they sound too whiny or boring. So...I decided to take an easier route and just post some random pics. Pics of a birthday party, a visit to the Oregon Children's museum, the Oregon zoo, Valentines day, and a few favs.
Blessings on all who stop by to take a gander!

Random pics.

Top, R to L All the kiddos at the Oregon Zoo, A, S and AC, BG playing in the sandbox for the first time, AC and BG playing an African Drum.
This week has been full of heartfelt heaviness. I won't go into detail but there are several family members that are struggling with huge issues, it is so heavy to carry in your heart. I pray, I try to release, but the heaviness stays...always reminding me to pray. As the week drug on the issues put on today I could have stayed in bed all day...if it wasn't for all the kiddos getting me going each day. Praise be to God for those major distractions! Then came the end of the week...ahhhh Friday. I still love Saturday even though I don't work out of house. Friday came and we had been invited to my son and his wife to their house for dinner. They invited her parents, my Mom (Grandma) and me and my family. My adult daughter was also there. It was a great was a GREAT way to end a hard week. We laughed and talked and ate and watched the kids have a great time. So...a giant thank you to my father in heaven for that blessings. For bringing to a close a difficu…

Ways to help

I am a reader/fan/stalker of the The Livesays Blog. I began reading their blog just after the floods in Haiti's. I had never been interested in Haiti's until I started reading their blog. Then I became intrigued. I then started reading the blogs of women who were in the Gi-normous game of waiting to adopt a child from Haiti's. What a crazy (ahem) system. But then it happened, actually one month ago today, the earthquake brutalized Haiti. I did not hear until the next day and when I did I went right to their blogs to see if they were ok...or if the adopters knew their children were ok. It's been intense to read along as they have struggled to survive their ordeals. My words make it sound so trivial and minor...I recognize that it was not and still isn't.

Today Tara posted names of smaller organizations you can help....check them out!
Real Hope for Haiti
The Apparent Project
Providence Ministries
Joy in Hope

We were CHOSEN!

We attended the 'Caretaker Committee Meeting' this last Friday and after a half an hour interview, and then a half an hour wait...we were notified that we were approved for the adoption of our youngest. Praise be to God! We are so happy. I do not look forward to the adoption hoops we will be going through but it's ok. She will be OUR daughter and she will have a permanent home that is stable, loving, safe, and loves the Lord!
We are doing the happy dance!!! I better stock up on a lifetime supply of popcorn!

A Dear Friend

Last week I received news of the passing of a dear friend. She was so dear to me. She was one of the greatest people to have ever walked this earth. I loved her so much. She was so good to me. She made me feel so loved, she would make me laugh so hard, she took me on some great adventures! She left this earth too soon. The hardest part of it all? Not knowing if I will ever see her again. It causes such a deep sadness. I miss her and I will continue to miss her. I hope she knew how much she meant to me! I tried to make it clear....I hope it was!
You will be missed by so many left us too soon! I love you and I always will. Lynda Kae Heathman April 22, 1947 - January 18, 2010

A loss for words?

Could I really be at a loss for words? No...not really. Just at a loss of time and energy to have organized thoughts that I can put down into words.
The week last week was oh so busy and not just usual busy. Some big stuff such a lawyer making a home visit, certifier coming to inspect our home, court hearing....and such. So I was pretty taxed this weekend. But is a huge day. Today we go before a committee to see if they would agree we are a good placement for our foster baby. I know this is in God's hands. I know God already knows the outcome. I know God knows what is best for this precious baby girl and knowing ALL that I am still nervous. Things come to my mind such as...will they think we are too old. Will they think we are too unhealthy because we are overweight. Will they think we couldn't handle another child financially. What if God doesn't think we are the best for this little girl. All those thoughts just wretch my heart. She is a part of this family …