This week has been full of heartfelt heaviness. I won't go into detail but there are several family members that are struggling with huge issues, it is so heavy to carry in your heart. I pray, I try to release, but the heaviness stays...always reminding me to pray. As the week drug on the issues put on today I could have stayed in bed all day...if it wasn't for all the kiddos getting me going each day. Praise be to God for those major distractions! Then came the end of the week...ahhhh Friday. I still love Saturday even though I don't work out of house. Friday came and we had been invited to my son and his wife to their house for dinner. They invited her parents, my Mom (Grandma) and me and my family. My adult daughter was also there. It was a great was a GREAT way to end a hard week. We laughed and talked and ate and watched the kids have a great time. So...a giant thank you to my father in heaven for that blessings. For bringing to a close a difficult week and for ending it with a great dose of LOVE! I needed that!!!
forgot the camera or there would, of course, be pics to post!!! sigh!


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