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The KOA Kids


Random Camping Pics

We had a great time and we were blessed with great weather.

Roasting Marshmallows!

This week is spring break, a break from public school that is. We will still home school two of the 5 days and I will still have the state knocking at my door to whisk kids away to visits but at least we don't have to be up and out the door early in the morning. I like that break. I will be having portraits taken of the 3 foster kids as gifts for their 'family.' That is Monday morning (what was I thinking?!?!) so hopefully that will go well. I think it will. On Wednesday afternoon we are heading out of town...well only 45 minutes out of town. We are going kind of camping. If I could I would own and RV but until that day comes I will camp in cabins and yurts. The problem with cabins and yurts is living in a large city, anything within a 3 hr drive is booked months ahead. The Oregon state parks that is. I did stumble upon a KOA website a couple of weeks and what a God send. They now have cabins also and they actually had 2 (the size of our family requires we hav…

Whence Cometh my Help?

Just like write a post about peace and strength and joy and wake up the next morning and it doesn't take long to realize you want to crawl back into bed. Where is that peace? Where did it go? I need help!

First mistake was staying up too late with the hubby to watch a movie. Kids had no school today BUT I know we still have a baby in the house that doesn't stay asleep all night most nights and she also likes to get up before the birds. She didn't let us down. Up 4 times between the hours of 1 and 6 and then she was up starting her day.
> late for a conference
> spent and hour and 15 minutes at the doctor with a tired cranky baby just for an ear recheck
> Foster kids did not get picked up for their visit. They sat with L for an hour (while I was the doctors office) with their jackets on waiting.
> After 5 phone calls we figure out the kids won't be picked up until 1:15. Nice since L and I have an appointment at 1. Another 2 phone calls to …

Happy St. Patricks Day

CJ says " have got to be kidding?!?" BG says "Dude, these are so cool!"


I am still here. Still trying to get myself and the family well. Too tired to type most days and some days too tired to think much. I am on auto pilot. Probably not just the flu but the world around us in general. I try not to worry and basically I don't think I am (don't have time) but there are worrisome things. My son is unemployed...has been since November. Not only do I have that situation on my mind, that situation can affect us greatly. Not only does he have a wife and my grandson to care for, they live in our old home and they pay the mortgage payments. The payments are small but if we have to make those payments because they can not, it can greatly affect our already maxed out budget. So, though I don't sit and worry about, it is a worrisome.
My eldest daughter (who lives on her own) has no transportation at times for her to get to work or home again. It would mean her walking alone at 6:30 a.m. (no bus at that time) or walking home at night at 9 p.m. (no bus in he…

Whats with this flu?

I heard people talking about the flu that was going around. I heard that so many people were calling in sick to work. Many kids missing at school but as time went by I thought...whew, we missed....and then it hit. It hit the oldest two girls first. They were down a couple of days but bounced back pretty good. Then the two older foster kids were hit. MK had a harder day than normal and then was fine (she has a great immune system) and then our little guy was hoarse and tired for a couple of days. Then it hit the baby. It has been a rough ride let me tell you. She would appear to be getting better and then go downhill again. Last Wednesday when I was holding her and she just laid there and whined I knew she was hurting. I got her in and she had infections in both ears and possible strep. She is now on a 10 day round of antibiotics. I too started with a headache and scratchy throat. Then it seemed to start going away and then wham. This weekend has been miserable. The sinus headaches are…