Monday, June 27, 2011

June 25th 40 year Anniversary

My oldest sister just celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary. I have a few memories of that day. One of those memories is thinking "she looks so beautiful." I have always adored my sister. sister is still so beautiful. She gave my parents their first grandchild, my nephew. She then went on to have two more children...the youngest was a girl. That girl stole my heart. Oh how I adored her...maybe it was because I loved her mama so much. I idolized my brother in law. He was a dairyman, which meant he was around animals. How cool was that. Because of him I got to be around dogs, cats, cows, chickens, and horses. It was until many years into my adult years I discovered he never actually liked me...isn't the ignorance of children bliss!?!?! Though coming to that realization, that didn't erase the fond memories I had/have. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. This couple meant the world to me, for so many years. Though we don't get together much anymore, I know I can call or go see my sister and she would still love me and make me laugh. She is a treasure. She had 3 great kids and 6 wonderful grand kids. It's amazing what young love can do!

Their 3 kids

Their 6 grandkids

The whole brood

Papa's favorite team...more ways than one
Lester and Angie today

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ain't Happening

Finding time or mental focus to write these days just isn't happening. I don't know how some of those other moms do it. So I have decided to post random pics in those times I am not up to writing. Now that summer break is here..maybe...just maybe I will actually be able to focus and get my thoughts out on paper (screen).

My first random pic is ......ok...picS!

My DAD! In honor of Fathers Day
My dad married my mom when he was 19 years old...this August he turns 78 years old. Hard to believe. In my mind, I always remember him as the man with the dark hair and black rimmed glasses. Sitting on our front porch smoking a cigarette. He was grumpy, he was a hard man, he was judgmental, he was hard on my older siblings (me being the youngest), and he wasn't always the best husband, but I will say...he was a good dad. He always provided for us, he never left our mom, and he didn't beat us or molest us. In this day and age...that makes for a great dad. I am thankful for him. The man he is today is a far cry from the man he use to be. Age is partly to blame for that but there is also something else...grand-daughters. He was able to be around two of his grand daughters when they were born and as they have grown. When he was around my daughters I would look at him and think..."who the heck is that? Who took my dad and left this man behind?!" Especially my 3rd second daughter (pictured below). She stole his heart and laid the foundation for when her sister was to come along 13months later. I am thankful for the relationship they have had with him. These days we tease the girls about having been replaced by a new girl...our Baby Girl BG.  She loves him and boy does she keep him in line. She has her Poppy wrapped around her finger.
The one picture I posted is of me and my brother. My brother was 4 years older than me and passed away when he was 12. That was the first time I ever saw my dad cry. That is one memory that doesn't leave my mind.
He is a good dad and I am thankful for him...yes, I am thankful for him.

The girl that changed my dad. This is her and my parents
at her 8th graduation this month.