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Off to Winter Camp

Last night, my last errand of the day, was to take the 3 older kids up to Camp Arrah Wanna's Winter Camp. They were all very excited. They couldn't wait to go up on Mt. Hood and ride the 'tubes' today. Would be nice to see pics....but the kids don't take any eletronics with them. The weather is sunny here so I hope it's the same for them.... Maybe I should be more worried for the fact our pastor is up there with them! The mountain will never be the same. He has more energy than some of those kids! They will all have a blast!
God Bless them all!!!
PK and L Checking in at Camp Arrah Wanna

Precious One

These pics are too adorable...just had to share.
It's exhausting being adorable!

Bible Study Homeschool Style

The most important part of our 'homeschooling' is to start with prayer and a bible study. I chose not to use a formal study, such as a store bought study guide, but to use the perfect guides. The bible and the Holy Spirit. It has been great.
Each week I choose a scripture or topic and that is what we study. Sometimes it take longer than a week. We read it, write it, talk about it until I feel comfortable moving on. I don't require them to memorize them mainly because of the person I am. I am not able to memorize scripture. I have, all my life, had a poor memory and feel memorization comes with study. Once they have it solid in their heart (that could take a day or years for any of us) then the scripture will be committed to memory. So, we work on putting it in their heart, but we move on to the next study even if they don't have it memorized. You would be amazed how the forum opens up with just the reading of a short scripture. It has been fun and fascinating.

This is wh…

Playing Catch up

Our Anniversary was on the 16th. It was a nice day, different but nice. We went out to breakfast, then did some errands and purchased some new, used furniture for our home. We then went out to dinner. Wanted to catch a movie but it was getting too late and my mom was gracious enough to care for the kids that day.
The wedding:
The weather was cool but clear and sunny for our anniversary. Very beautiful....unlike the year we were married. During the week I had heard reports of weathermen forecasting freezing rain (funny how when it's bad news people beat a path to you to share such info) but I took it in stride. They are rarely right. That Friday when we had our rehearsal dinner and set up the church I arrived back at my home at 1:00 a.m. Sky clear...stars too numerous to count. I fell asleep about 2, alarm went off at 6 and the first thing I noticed was the sound of rain hitting the bathroom vent. I can not tell you how deep my heart fell into my stomach. It just couldn't be. So …

The most recent addition

Alexander Cole
Born: December 20th
To my niece Jennifer, her husband Brad and little Violet
I pray blessings on this precious and beautiful family. God will reign in their hearts and in their lives at the appointed time. They are precious to Him and I am thankful He has shared them with our family.
I love you

Meeting the Mom

The appointment for BG went fine. I was pretty wore out after it was over. Mom was very 'mentally' young and trying hard to impress upon me how she loves the baby and does everything for the baby. I won't go into details of the appointment except to say the 'baby' is in the right place at this time. The place where she is safe, loved, and well cared for her...for her sake. As for Mom, most of my frustration has melted away . I have been feeling more compassion for her. Sorry for her. Sorry that she is blind to the truth of this life. Blind that she does not know the Lord. Blind that she does not understand true love. Blind that she has so much to learn and she is taking a much harder road to learn it all. Not sure what God is doing in my heart or where this road will lead but I have laid my heart at His throne and He will do what he so chooses and I will follow. I do give God praise that the Mom was not argumentative or combative. It all went just fine and Gods gr…

My fabulous friday

I did finally make it out the front door yesterday for my birthday freedom shopping spree. So, what did I do first? I went and saw my grandson and his parents. :-) I had to get my birthday hugs and kisses. He was in a fantastic mood too. Smiles and kisses. I took a lot of pics...with my old camera though so we have to wait to get them developed. I then went to 'Fashion Bug.' The place that sells clothing for 'thick' women. I bought one shirt and two sets of earrings...all on clearance. Then I headed to the second hand stores. Now that is my kind of shopping. I bought some books for the girls for HS and a book for me. One by Robin McGraw (wife to Dr. Phil). Looks good. We will see. I did bye me a pre-worn shirt. What's funny about this shirt is it is originally from 'Fashion Bug.' Too funny. I bought a framed picture with a painting of an elephant for our bedroom and lastly a frame for the cross stitch my sweet S gave me. I did make a trip to Bath and Body W…


Today is my birthday. Another year older though I feel several years older. I am an even 44 today. Our 44th president was just sworn in too. Hmmmm far I woke from a beautiful joyful dream of my family (ALL my family...siblings, nieces, nephews and so on) meeting at an office. I then went back to sleep and woke to my family coming into my bedroom (I was allowed to sleep in until 7:15) and they came in carrying breakfast. They were all just beaming. Not easy to eat a 'hardy' breakfast first thing in the morning but I did and they were happy. They each gave me a gift. LB gave me a ruler for "homeschooling" MK gave me a small stuffed bee (what she didn't know is honey bee is the meaning of my name) and A gave me little plastic animals representing each of my family. Sweet. I have been promised a day of shopping alone. I'm not a huge shopping fan but I look forward to looking for a new shirt and a couple of other items and doing it alone. Looking and…


Tomorrow I have to take BG to the doctor for her 6 mth checkup and the dreaded shots. But what will be challenging tomorrow is it will be the first time I meet her bio mom. I am super dreading it. I know that is not the right way to feel. I know it's not the Christian way to feel but it is, however, how I feel. Mom has not been receptive to my communications I send her so it could be a challenge. I will insist on holding little one while the shots are administered and I will insist on comforting her and I have a feeling I will be met with resistance. BUT we are there for the baby so I will stand my ground for her. It's about her and I need to comfort her. I am the one she sees every day and night. It's my voice she knows and gives her comfort so I will be the one to be comforting her. But meeting opposition isn't always easy for me, especially in a doctors office setting with a child who is not 'mine' but is under my guardianship. So, pray and pray some more. I…

A few more pics....

Left: My newest Great-Nephew. Born during
the "Artic Blast" that hit Portland.

Sirion enjoying the new wood stove.

Up to date

Besides my monitor going out in December we in the Portland Oregon Metro area have had quite a winter. With what is usually pretty even keel weather...rain and more rain, we have had a couple of blizzards, a monsoon type rain storm, and last night a crazy wind storm. There are power outages all over, and branches and trees down every where. It's been a wild ride. It hasn't affected us too bad. We lost our electricity twice during the blizzard but only for a few hours the first time and 20 minutes the next. Thank God. Some went days without it. I love my home and I am so thankful for it. It keeps us dry, warm, and safe.
My hubby was on vacation for the last week and a half so i haven't had time to blog anything, not that I have too much of great importance or excitement to share....but always something to talk about. The family is doing great. Homeschooling was put on the back burner during Christmas break and we have only did half of our intended lessons last week. I wanted …

Back up and....sitting

My monitor went out on December 19th. I was stuck all of Christmas break and throughout our 'Winter Freeze' without a computer. I survived and so did all the kids and dogs. I do admit I am addicted...yes....My name is Malissa and I am addicted to my computer. ... I missed reading family emails. I missed reading blogs. I missed looking up info on the Internet. It was terrible. I guess there are worse things. Being without electricity (did that twice during the storm) being without a washer or dryer or (ackkkkk) being without hot water....but not much worse.
So I will have lots to share, mostly pictures once I get this monitor set up the way I want it and I get caught up on e-mails. But right now I just wanted to say....I'm "back up and running"...ok well not running exactly....but you know what I mean.