Tomorrow I have to take BG to the doctor for her 6 mth checkup and the dreaded shots. But what will be challenging tomorrow is it will be the first time I meet her bio mom. I am super dreading it. I know that is not the right way to feel. I know it's not the Christian way to feel but it is, however, how I feel. Mom has not been receptive to my communications I send her so it could be a challenge. I will insist on holding little one while the shots are administered and I will insist on comforting her and I have a feeling I will be met with resistance. BUT we are there for the baby so
I will stand my ground for her. It's about her and I need to comfort her. I am the one she sees every day and night. It's my voice she knows and gives her comfort so I will be the one to be comforting her. But meeting opposition isn't always easy for me, especially in a doctors office setting with a child who is not 'mine' but is under my guardianship. So, pray and pray some more. I just want to be kind and loving to bio mom and I want to be able to take care of baby girl the way I know she needs. I know it will work out. I want Our Father to be glorified in my actions and my words and BG to feel loved and secure.


Selah said…
That sound so difficult. I admire you for even being able to talk about it. How did it go? You sound so loving to your kids.

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