Today is my birthday. Another year older though I feel several years older. I am an even 44 today. Our 44th president was just sworn in too. Hmmmm far I woke from a beautiful joyful dream of my family (ALL my family...siblings, nieces, nephews and so on) meeting at an office. I then went back to sleep and woke to my family coming into my bedroom (I was allowed to sleep in until 7:15) and they came in carrying breakfast. They were all just beaming. Not easy to eat a 'hardy' breakfast first thing in the morning but I did and they were happy. They each gave me a gift. LB gave me a ruler for "homeschooling" MK gave me a small stuffed bee (what she didn't know is honey bee is the meaning of my name) and A gave me little plastic animals representing each of my family. Sweet.
I have been promised a day of shopping alone. I'm not a huge shopping fan but I look forward to looking for a new shirt and a couple of other items and doing it alone. Looking and not hearing "I have to go potty" "I'm hungry" "stop touching me" and so on.....yes, it will be nice AND I don't have to push a stroller or a cart. Yes! Don't get me wrong I love pushing the stroller or carts but to have a break is nice.
I was just handed a gift from S...she just finished it. Cross stitching. It's beautiful. I love it. I will let the pic speak for itself.
It's a great day so far. January is a very special Month. My hubby's (whom I have to catch up and post about his special day) birthday was on the 1st and our anniversary was on the 16th and then my birthday today.
Time to head out for my special day...daylight's a burnin'!


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