My fabulous friday

I did finally make it out the front door yesterday for my birthday freedom shopping spree. So, what did I do first? I went and saw my grandson and his parents. :-) I had to get my birthday hugs and kisses. He was in a fantastic mood too. Smiles and kisses. I took a lot of pics...with my old camera though so we have to wait to get them developed. I then went to 'Fashion Bug.' The place that sells clothing for 'thick' women. I bought one shirt and two sets of earrings...all on clearance. Then I headed to the second hand stores. Now that is my kind of shopping. I bought some books for the girls for HS and a book for me. One by Robin McGraw (wife to Dr. Phil). Looks good. We will see. I did bye me a pre-worn shirt. What's funny about this shirt is it is originally from 'Fashion Bug.' Too funny. I bought a framed picture with a painting of an elephant for our bedroom and lastly a frame for the cross stitch my sweet S gave me. I did make a trip to Bath and Body Works. Haven't been there in years. My dear friend Heather recently gave me some hand soap that I just love, so I went to look for the body spray. They didn't have any on clearance but they did have bath gel and bubble bath. Yae! So that was it on the shopping spree. I was given $100 budget, had my own personal goal of $50 and came in at $62. But I just had to get the books for the girls. The day flew by. I came home to a messy kitchen and we had leftovers for dinner. We watched a movie together as a family. It was a nice calm ending to a blessed day.
More about the books. 4 of the ones I bought are part of a series called 'Dear America.' They are journals from different people in different time periods and places. I purchased 'Voyage on the Great Titanic, A light in the Storm, A Journey to the New World, and The Journal of Joshua Loper.' Three of them are young girls who are writing. The first one obviously is a passenger aboard Titanic, the second a girl living through the Civil War, and the third is a Pilgrim girl. The fourth book was more for my husband and son but I will have my girls read it too. It is about A Black Cowboy in 1871. I can't wait to read these myself. They were published by Scholastic. I did buy some other books also, Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables (one of my favs) and Little House on the Prairie. I love used books. At $2 a book, you can't go wrong.


Too funny. Anne of Green Gables is my favorite story(ies) from my childhood!

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