Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The new babe...

So our Sweet William has experienced many first in few short days with us. Christmas, meeting family, going home, and as of today...his first snow. Our precious boy is healthy and happy. "Thank you Father for the blessing of a new life. Thank you for giving him the breath of life. Thank you for blessing our life and our family with this new little boy. Bless him oh God with Guidance, wisdom, health, happiness and love. May he live a long life, one full of Family, Friends, and LOVE!"
William A. H.
Getting ready to go home from the hospital

Meeting his aunts and uncle

A big ending

So our year here in the Porter house is ending with a big bang! Not only did we get a new grand baby but we also got a new son in law. My daughter, the new mommy, married her love on Monday the 28th. Our pastor conducted the ceremony. It was quiet, small, and yet sweet. My poor hurting girl (remember, C section just on the 24th) after a crazy morning, came hobbling into the church to put on nylons (which she ran in the process) and a pretty black dress she bought while pregnant. The husband to be came in, threw on his Navy uniform and realizing he forgot the white shirt that goes under it (and show at the top) and his dress shoes. But they did it...they became husband and Wife.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez...

The circumstances for which any of these past events in their life happened may not have been of Gods design, but I know God can turn all things around. I know He can use these past events and ones to come into eternal life changes. I know that God can & will use them for his Kingdom purpose.

'My Father...MY God and Savior, I ask you to bless this new marriage and this new family with your Love, Grace, Mercy, Wisdom, and peace. I pray they would follow you and your will all the days of their lives. I pray they rest in you and your provisions. I pray their days would be filled with love! God bless Raul, God bless Kari, God Bless William! In Jesus Name...Amen'

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My favorite day of the year...

Christmas Eve....this has always been one of my favorite days of the year as far back as I can remember. That's the night we would attend church and be reminded of the sacrifice of our King...being born part human in a lowly state. The night I would receive earthly gifts like Baby Dolls, Barbies, nightgowns, slippers and such.....BUT today I received one of the greatest gifts...a treasure really! Today in a hospital in Portland Oregon my grandson.....
William Arnold
arrived at 1:15 via C'section. Too precious for words. Tons of black hair. It was a grueling labor towards the end but all turned out well. She is now laying comfortably in her hospital bed, holding her first truest love and enjoying every moment.

Here he is....prebath...better pictures later.....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Still waiting for the grandson to arrive...looking more and more like a Christmas baby? I will suffice it to say 'she is HEAVY with child.' Waiting for Christmas to arrive....I can wait, the kids barely can. I love the week before Christmas. It's so full of excitement and joy (ok...for many or for some). I enjoy the lights and the warmth of the decorations. I love receiving cards. It makes it a joy (the only time of year) to go to the mailbox. I love the music...it plays 24/7 in our home. I quite often find the kids playing around the Christmas tree. Not with it but around it...with Barbies or Batman or whatever...they just enjoy being near the tree. Enjoying the soft glow of the lights. Waiting to see what comes of the trials God has allowed us to be in the midst of. Waiting on the Lord....sometimes it's a joy...sometimes it 'longsuffering' that I have faith will turn to joy.

Random pics of recent......
Christmas Party and the arrival of our Sailor...My girl is very happy. Her love will be here for the birth of their son...um that would be MY grandson (teehee)!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Win an HP

Kelly's Korner 'blog' is a pretty amazing blog. Such fun and interesting stuff to read and pics of her gorgeous family. NOW she is recieving amazing products to review which and has turned into give aways. Today her post is an HP giveaway...go check it out. Yep I am posting about this to increase my dim odds of winning one....but not like I haven't posted about Kelly's blog before. There are others, like Boomama on her blog giving away an HP also. So....here we gooooo.......


My 'adult' daughter K is expecting my grandson on the 27th BUT...just last week I told her I 'felt' like she wouldn't make it that long. I have felt she would have him early. We went to her check up on Monday and she is dilated 2cm and her cervix is thin...sooooo....I'm thinking our little guy will be here way before Christmas. The dad is still in training at Great Lakes Illinois and will be coming home on the 18th but I don't think my grandson will wait for that date either. I know this is a heavy burden for them because they so want to share the end of her pregnancy together and especially the delivery...but as we know...these babes make their debuts when the heavenly father says it's time. So this 'Nana' is on alert. The baby shower is Saturday so it would be respectful of the little guy to wait until that's over but if not I'm ok with that. I'm ok with all of it...it's those pesky parents who want plans to go as....welllll...um planned.

So....soon I will be posting pics of my new little precious guy. The newest love of my life....so stay tuned.....

Monday, December 7, 2009


The last few writings I have posted have been kinda trivial...probably just because I wanted to just focus on simpler stuff, but it's not because there isn't heavy 'stuff' on my mind and heart.

Daily I 'work' at keeping my focus Godly. The waves just keep crashing in...pounding. Then there comes the rogue waves. They can be killers but fortunately I have my life vest on. Jesus keeps me afloat. Doesn't mean I don't get big ol' doses of salt water in my face but He keeps me from sinking.

What has been hard this week, and it's not the first time, is the weariness of treading . Oh how I want to be free....free falling! Just floating through the air knowing that I have 100% confidence in the one who gave His life for me. The one who suffered unbelievable torture and pain. The trials I suffer are NOTHING compared to what others suffer....NOTHING! My kids are not starving, my kids are not ill and dying. My kids drink clean, clear water. We are not living on the street or in a homeless shelter. We are not being woken at night with bombs exploding. We are free to worship our God openly....and yet I allow the trials I suffer to rock me to the core. I have faith, I speak faith, and yet in my inner most being I can not always REST in this faith.

BUT each day I hold onto the one who created me...that each day, each year the faith I have fills me fuller and reaches deeper and deeper inside of me. Someday I know I will attain that level of faith I desire....that day will be the day I then breath my last breath and then come into the presence of my savior. The 'race' will be finished.

Just this morning this is the Scripture the Lord brought me to:

James 1: "Consider it pure joy, my brother, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

The testing of faith is what develops perseverance. I want to be mature...in Jesus. I want to lack nothing. Full peace. Full freedom.

So as I wrap this up...what appeared to me as my shortcomings are actually my immaturity in my faith. That each time I find my self splashing around in a trial and feeling like I should be stronger..., it is then I am persevering through and gaining strength...I am gaining maturity. What I see is I am not expected to be perfect out of the gate, I am to take each trial and allow it to build me up "consider it pure joy." The joy is not the trial but the next rung we take in getting through that trial by our faith. Faith in the Father, Faith in the Savior, Faith in the Holy Spirit. The faith that we are saved by GRACE!

Ephesians 2:8 "For it is by Grace you have been saved, through faith and not from yourselves it is the GIFT of God, not by works so that no one can boast."

A gift...it is through the Grace of God we have been saved eternally. The faith we have in that...in HIM is what gets us through. Persevere through the trial with Joy because we know God has saved us...what more do we need aside from eternal life? Nothing!
NOW...... Now I need to meditate on this truth day and night....before during and after the 'trial.' Meditating on it until it reaches my core and replaces my insecurities. Reaches my fears.........until it fills me up and overflows!

"I've got the Joy Joy Joy down in my heart.......to stay"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Game but moving on...

So the Civil War game was fantastic...we knew one of the Oregon teams would be going to the Rose Bowl....we were neck to neck the entire game and then.....our top receiver was injured...broken leg! Poor guy...his senior year too! So long story short...we lost but not by much. 33-37.....I love Oregon so I am happy at least one of our teams will be going to the Rose Bowl. It was a fun night with family and a great game night for Oregon. That will be the last of my football talk for the year.....now on to Christmas!!!!

I LOVE Christmas! I am not a huge decoration fan....maybe I am just too lazy to set it all out just turn around and put it all away again. I love to look at them though. I had a fake tree for a few years...LOVED IT...then I remarried and he insisted on a real tree. We have had some great times going out to the tree farms and picking out a tree (we never go to the same farm) and cutting it down. The kids have loved it but to be honest....I miss the fake tree. No mess...you can put them out as soon as you want and leave up as long as you want. No fire hazard and once the initial cost is over...it's free. My husband came to me and said this would be the last year of the real tree...so now I will be on a mission to find a nice fake tree. The kids were bummed but they will see how fun it can be.
I love Christmas for the music, the movies, the lights, the love. The Christmas story is the most beautiful story. I have loved it since I was a kid and still do. It amazes me the faith Mary had to accept Gods will for her. How scary to think you will give birth to a child though you are a virgin and especially in those times when women would be stoned for looking at a man who was not their father or husband....twice. But she willingly accepted Gods plan for her. God chose her out of the entire universe to carry his son. Wow...and as the prophet said, a knife would Peirce her own heart as well....
So, Christmas is coming and the Christmas music is already playing in our home...just about every room actually. The kids have their radios tuned into the local Christian station who started playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. It's great, we love it.
This month has started off hard...but I will not give up my faith in Him and His plan for our life. For a young virgin girl who was visited by an angel said "I am the Lord's servant," Mary answered "may it be to me as you have said." indeed, may it be as you have said Lord.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Civil War

So I'm not a huge sports fan. I do enjoy sports if one of my kids is participating or if I am watching the Americans win in the Olympics but other than that...nope. It's just annoying noise on the tv. BUT there is one time a year I enjoy football on TV and that is 'CIVIL WAR' time. That is when Oregon State University Beavers vs University of Oregon Ducks! We have a couple in the family who are Duck fans and a couple who are Beaver fans. Well, today is the day. Today is Civil War so i have plans to gather the 'huz,' the 'boy,' and myself and duke it out in the family room. The huz and I have a bet even....we win a 2 hour uninterrupted nap if our team wins. Big stakes!

So this evening will be the annoying noise of a TV football game on and the sound of my huz and son whining in defeat and me yelling with victory as the BEAVERS conquer the field!!!

!Go OSU!