Still waiting for the grandson to arrive...looking more and more like a Christmas baby? I will suffice it to say 'she is HEAVY with child.' Waiting for Christmas to arrive....I can wait, the kids barely can. I love the week before Christmas. It's so full of excitement and joy (ok...for many or for some). I enjoy the lights and the warmth of the decorations. I love receiving cards. It makes it a joy (the only time of year) to go to the mailbox. I love the music...it plays 24/7 in our home. I quite often find the kids playing around the Christmas tree. Not with it but around it...with Barbies or Batman or whatever...they just enjoy being near the tree. Enjoying the soft glow of the lights. Waiting to see what comes of the trials God has allowed us to be in the midst of. Waiting on the Lord....sometimes it's a joy...sometimes it 'longsuffering' that I have faith will turn to joy.

Random pics of recent......
Christmas Party and the arrival of our Sailor...My girl is very happy. Her love will be here for the birth of their son...um that would be MY grandson (teehee)!


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