A big ending

So our year here in the Porter house is ending with a big bang! Not only did we get a new grand baby but we also got a new son in law. My daughter, the new mommy, married her love on Monday the 28th. Our pastor conducted the ceremony. It was quiet, small, and yet sweet. My poor hurting girl (remember, C section just on the 24th) after a crazy morning, came hobbling into the church to put on nylons (which she ran in the process) and a pretty black dress she bought while pregnant. The husband to be came in, threw on his Navy uniform and realizing he forgot the white shirt that goes under it (and show at the top) and his dress shoes. But they did it...they became husband and Wife.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez...

The circumstances for which any of these past events in their life happened may not have been of Gods design, but I know God can turn all things around. I know He can use these past events and ones to come into eternal life changes. I know that God can & will use them for his Kingdom purpose.

'My Father...MY God and Savior, I ask you to bless this new marriage and this new family with your Love, Grace, Mercy, Wisdom, and peace. I pray they would follow you and your will all the days of their lives. I pray they rest in you and your provisions. I pray their days would be filled with love! God bless Raul, God bless Kari, God Bless William! In Jesus Name...Amen'


Heather Friesen said…
Congratulations to Raul and Kari! I am tearing up. I am very happy for them. They look so cute!

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