Civil War

So I'm not a huge sports fan. I do enjoy sports if one of my kids is participating or if I am watching the Americans win in the Olympics but other than that...nope. It's just annoying noise on the tv. BUT there is one time a year I enjoy football on TV and that is 'CIVIL WAR' time. That is when Oregon State University Beavers vs University of Oregon Ducks! We have a couple in the family who are Duck fans and a couple who are Beaver fans. Well, today is the day. Today is Civil War so i have plans to gather the 'huz,' the 'boy,' and myself and duke it out in the family room. The huz and I have a bet even....we win a 2 hour uninterrupted nap if our team wins. Big stakes!

So this evening will be the annoying noise of a TV football game on and the sound of my huz and son whining in defeat and me yelling with victory as the BEAVERS conquer the field!!!

!Go OSU!


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