Saturday, October 16, 2010

She is OUR daughter

We made it, she is our girl. The judge signed the papers. We were surrounded by family and friends. It was beautiful. It was hectic, chaotic, surreal and yet beautiful.

My family and I met my parents, a family friend, and one of my sisters at a 'MAX' stop (that is our rail transit) and we headed to downtown Portland. At one point my husband told me what time it was and my heart fell. I knew in that instant we were going to be late. LATE? To our daughters adoption ceremony? I couldn't believe. I have not felt that sick to my stomach in so long. Once off the MAX me, my daughter in-law and two of my girls walked (pushing strollers) as fast as we could to the courthouse. When we got there the line going through security was L-O-N-G. The jurors were coming back from lunch. Oh how I wanted them to realize how much more important our business in that court house was! (lol) so we took our turn. Both my daughter in law and I beeped...ugh! I had to remove my shoes...she had to remove her belt. We got through, took the elevator to the second floor and flew down the hallway to the courtroom. We go flying in and my pastor greets us...says, "they haven't asked for you guys yet." whew!!! To my surprise....there were so many of our church family there! WOW! Also in attendance was our caseworker and one of our favorites SSA's (the person who transported BG to visits). It was breath taking and touching. The judge comes and asks for me to come forward...but I had to inform her not everyone was there. Yikes! That is unsettling..she moved onto some cases. Then the rest of us straggled in. My husband with his boots untied, sweat on his head and his belt in his hand. If I had not be so over the top flipped would have been funny at the time.

Finally, my husband and I were called forward, the judge signed, the judge stated BG's full new name and everyone cheered and were taken. The judge handed BG a stuffed animal and me a box of cookies and napkins. Less than 5 minutes and it was over. We headed to the hall where there were laughs and more pictures. My kids were all so happy and excited. Later BG kept saying in her 2yr old voice "Mama and Papa adopt me." we would say, "Yes baby...Mama and Papa adopted you!" Sweet baby.

The following Sunday we dedicated her to our Almighty God in front of our church family. It was sweet and special and she cried through the WHOLE thing. Lovely! She is two after all. We had a lovely happy reception afterwards. The events of that week were glorious. I can't explain (those who have been through it know) how it felt to have that finalized. She is Gods first and ours second! But let me talk no more...let me introduce our baby to you...
Phoenix Marie Porter
(she will still be referred to as BG)

p.s. We only changed her last name.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A couple of others....

Yes I have other kids...I know I usually post pics of the I thought I would take this time to post pics of the others....


Seriously? October? How..when did that happen? I just can't believe it. Sometimes this whole 'time' thing is really hard to wrap the brain around. Life goes by so quickly. Most days I wish it didn't, but there are those days when I am glad it does.

There hasn't been too many exciting events in the Porter house, aside from camps, school starting, stomach flu, and things like that. Just 'run of the mill' stuff. We had 2 monumental birthdays this summer. A 16th and a 13th. Yikes! There is exciting events in our very near future though. The adoption is only but a day away. Our entire family is over the top excited about that. Will be glad when the document is signed. Then I can take a deep breath. Today my baby has a final state conducted visit. There has been no indication of possibility of bio mom taking flight with BG, but yet my heart feels cautious. There will be 2 case workers present so that does give me some comfort. I am not worrying, but I am praying. Will be glad when she is back home to me and in my arms. Then the visits will be quarterly and bio mom will have to make initial contact. I am praying for bio moms heart. I pray she will come to know Jesus as her savior. I am praying her heart will not be crushed to where she can not see the light. I pray she will have comfort in knowing her daughter is in a loving home. A home that adores her. A home that prays for both of them. It's an emotional week, tinges of sadness but oh so rich with joy.
The other event soon in coming is Christmas. It will be marvelous Christmas. One where our 'new' daughter will be celebrating as a Porter. Also, my eldest daughter K will be coming home and bringing my precious grandson with her. They will be here for Christmas and WA first birthday. He is just too precious for words and oh how my heart aches for him. To learn that my daughter, his Mommy, is expecting a baby again made me a little sad at first. Sad that my girl will have so much work to do. Sad her poor back would go through this again so soon. I am happy she is ok with it. I am happy that she doesn't have to work and she has her own home. I know she is happy to be with her husband, as well she should be. He will hopefully be there for the duration of this pregnancy. I will try to be there for the delivery, but those darn babies have minds of their own.

Homeschooling is challenging. Last year we went to a virtual school through our local school district. I was told by a parent that the kids are pretty self reliant. They can just cruise at their own pace. Well....we joined late last year and I didn't get a whole feel for it. I needed something that would free me up. Something they could work on for themselves. I feel we have just be given 500lbs of bricks. My girls are not able to do their work on their own. They need so much assistance. I thought it was just my girls, but the advisor told me yesterday the curriculum is difficult. The majority of kids need constant assistance. sigh. We will manage. I feel I have no choice. I won't send them back to public school, private school is not an option, and we can't afford Christian curriculum so we will stick it out.

So much on my mind anymore but never time to write it all down....well write it down and make sense of it.

Tomorrow...will be a great day! Adoption day. So far it sounds like many friends and loved ones will be attending. Watch out Multnomah County are being invaded by many who love BG!!!! GOD ROCKS!