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Ahhhh Gobble Gobble up that food.....

It is Thanksgiving Eve and I am looking forward to tomorrow. My mom, one of the greatest women to have ever walked this earth, has had Thanksgiving at her home for several years now. She was able to buy a new home a few years ago and is so in love with it. Prior to that, she lived in a tiny 2 bedroom fourplex that had a 1 step kitchen. Any direction you turned it only took one step (if that) to reach each counter, the stove, or the fridge. The dining room only a tad larger than that. So? Now she has a huge kitchen with a breakfast nook, a large dining room and a large living room just off the dining room. One year we were able to get over 40 people (excuse me...not just people but family) in there. It was GREAT! My mom was flying high and we all had a great time. We won't have that many this year (darn) but because it blesses my Mom so to have Thanksgiving there I am MORE than happy to go to her house. To see her so happy makes me happy. To see her up and able to fix the meal make…

A Noisy Quiet Moment

It's windy and cold here in Portland today but with the sun shining the kids just HAD to go outside. Baby is taking a nap, A is off to basketball practice, S is at Grandma and Poppies (her other home) and the 3 left are outside riding scooters terrorizing the neighborhood. We have neighbors who have yelled at the kids for making too much noise. The neighbors down the road just sold their home because they were so tired for being harassed about their kids. Kids playing outside yelling and screaming and riding bikes. It's sad. Kids can't be kids anymore. They need to be outside. Kids need to make noise. Kids need to be free to have some fun. I like the sound of them playing outside. I temper the screaming sometimes (it gets a bit much) but other than that.....noise outside made by kids is great. The same neighbors who have yelled at my kids are also the ones who have a dog who would bark everytime we went outside AND you can hear the football game blaring on weekends. Funny …

I can't imagine

I can't imagine what it would be like to not be able to feed my children. I can't imagine it and I pray to God I never experience it. Have we become complacent to children starving? Is that possible? I believe so. I have. I have not thought about it for a while. I have not done anything about it for a while. On other blogs I have seen pictures and read stories of children starving in Haiti's. Is this even on the news? I admit I watch the news rarely but what I have watched never showed the devastation of the floods, I NEVER saw a story about the schools that collapsed, and I never see stories about starving children in Haiti or anywhere for that matter. I see an occasional newspaper or magazine story. I see an occasional commercial, but no story on tv news. Then I read the blogs who share this information and it breaks my heart. As I get so tired of cooking, I see pics of little kids on the brink of death. Literally on the brink. Having no food for my kids.....watching the…

3 birthdays

So our lovely M just turned 8. She is a blessed girl because she was able to have 3 THREE birthdays. She had a 'Princess Tea Party' on Saturday, her real birthday (celebrated with a powdered/raspberry filled donut with a candle in the middle for breakfast) on Tuesday, then a family party tonight with cupcakes and presents. She LOVED every sugared moment of it. This special attention has made her very happy. I even received a random hug yesterday which is unlike her. We have several Hannah Montana and High School Musical items now floating around the bedroom.

Her life is not the way she would have it. Her parents are not where they should be. But right now, by God's Grace she is loved, she is safe, and she is being blessed by His goodness. God knows what the plans for her future are and I pray with all my heart she walks in those plans. I pray God will be the father she desires. I pray she allows him to consume her heart. I pray she is blessed beyond words all the days of h…


We had a our date night last night. I must say the movie 'Fireproof' it is AWESOME! We loved it. I teared up I don't know how many times ,and I actually laughed OUT loud. I am anxious to see it again. We are sending my son J and his wife (you know, the two that graced us with a grandson!!!) to see it tonight.
Kirk Cameron is fantastic. What a great actor. The woman who played his wife...not so much. She just wasn't a great actress but she did ok. I am glad we saw it. I would love a miracle or two in my marriage was a movie. All my life I have hoped for the scenario's in the movies and it just doesn't happen. The drama in the movie last night was very true to life though and the only thing that gives me hope about the ending to that movie being a possibility is because of the God I serve. He can do all things.

Moose Dogs

I have mentioned my moose dogs on my blog before and I actually got a picture the other day of both of them together. Usually if they are together, Lilly (the Dane) is sprawled on the floor and Sirion (the Weimer) is snuggled all up into her belly. Sorry for the bright eyes (no time for editing)...they are not alien dogs...only Moose Dogs! They drive me crazy and yet I just love them. Especially Sirion. He is a rescue. We found him at the animal shelter and he was nothing but skin and bones. I took a huge leap of faith (or made a really stupid decision at the time) and adopted him. He was 3 years old, not altered, starved and we had no history of him. I can't believe I wanted to bring him home. It could have been a huge disaster. BUT...he has turned out to be the GREATEST dog I have ever owned....and my family can attest I have owned plenty. He did great with the kids, with Lilly, and the cat. He is house broken and he is not food aggressive. He is a lover and he loves to be calle…

Date night

We had a wicked storm move through yesterday that hit Washington harder than Oregon. I enjoyed it though. There was no thunder and lightening (which I hate) and I no longer live in a home that is surrounded by huge fir trees so I was able to enjoy it. Lots of blowing rain. Maybe it was just my mood but it was just peaceful to me.
Found out yesterday the foster baby will be with us a least until February, that is when the next court session will be held. So, it was good news and bad news. We of course are not ready to lose her. She is so precious, so beautiful and we enjoy her very much but on the other hand the longer we have her the harder it will be when she goes back to her bio Mom. I pray God's will for her life. I pray for protection over her. I pray if she does go back that she will be loved and kept safe. This is not an easy road for me but I know it's the road I am to be walking and I know God will get me through what I need to get through. I pray victory over the situa…

Ephesians 6:12

Not sure why, but felt led to post this scripture. Must be for someone especially for today....maybe even me?!?!

Ephesians 6:12 (NIV)
12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

A newscast

Some wonderful Children of God following His leading.

He is a God of ALL people. Not a select few. Not just those that are wealthy or those that are poor. Not just for those who great teachers and those that are not. Not just for those who are healthy and those that are not. He is the One and True God. He is the Almighty and He is Love!

Football Season Came to a Close

Proud Dad
Cheesing for the camera

Receiving his award

Football season has come to an end. The hardest part of the season, aside from hoping your son doesn't get creamed on the field, is the cold weather. We were fortunate this year. Only a couple of 'cool' games and only one rainy one. Wow...that's a first. We had the football banquet last Tuesday and our son received an award, making us quite proud. His award is......
'Defensive Lineman of the Year' As of Wednesday, we have already started rest for the weary! lol

Extended Weekend

My public school kids have today off and tomorrow also for Veterans day. It's a nice break. They slept in until 7:00 which was nice. The best part was not having to get up and out. We could stay in our p.j.'s and take our time with breakfast. I am sitting at my pc drinking a cup of coffee while they play. Two baskets of laundry are staring at me. Yes...staring! Laundry takes on a life of it's own! It know I can not ignore it all day so it is taunting me. But until then, I will drink my coffee and posts these pics and try not to look out the corner of my eye.
Saturday I took 4 of the 6 six kids coat and clothes shopping and they were good and I didn't have to pull my hair out. They had so much fun. The highlight for L was us finding him not only a Spiderman Coat but also a Spiderman robe. He was overly excited. This boy loves soft fluffy blankets so a robe for the mornings and evenings are the perfect thing for him and to find one with! We purchased some …

Another weekend closing

Because I have nothing to talk about (if you ain't got nutin good t'say...don't say nutin t'all!)I thought I would post a few pics.

Treading water

Well I still feel as though I am just keeping my head above water but that's a good thing right? I would rather be playing in the sand on a warm beach but at least I am not sinking like a stone.
One of the challenges I am facing right now with working with the state is ALL the people in my life. They warn you but it's not until you are experiencing that the reality sinks in. I am a pretty private person when it comes to my home and my family so I knew God was going to stretch me. I wish I was like Mrs. Incredible. I love what she says "wife, mother, superhero!" yep....that's us mom's, but boy do I wish I could flexible like her. Mold and bend easily in whatever direction God would have me go. Why does my flesh have to resist.
So, back to my state visitors. I have at minimum two calls a day (except Fridays usually), at least one person comes to my house 3 days of the week and then I take one of my kids to counseling once a week. So, Friday, Saturday, and Sunda…


Some weeks would just be better being skipped, but since we don't have that choice we just work at keeping our head above water.
If anyone reads this blog/post...please pray for my household...pray for me. Bind the darkness in Jesus' name.

Thank you