Ahhhh Gobble Gobble up that food.....

It is Thanksgiving Eve and I am looking forward to tomorrow. My mom, one of the greatest women to have ever walked this earth, has had Thanksgiving at her home for several years now. She was able to buy a new home a few years ago and is so in love with it. Prior to that, she lived in a tiny 2 bedroom fourplex that had a 1 step kitchen. Any direction you turned it only took one step (if that) to reach each counter, the stove, or the fridge. The dining room only a tad larger than that. So? Now she has a huge kitchen with a breakfast nook, a large dining room and a large living room just off the dining room. One year we were able to get over 40 people (excuse me...not just people but family) in there. It was GREAT! My mom was flying high and we all had a great time. We won't have that many this year (darn) but because it blesses my Mom so to have Thanksgiving there I am MORE than happy to go to her house. To see her so happy makes me happy. To see her up and able to fix the meal makes me happy. She had such a rough few months. It's good to see her more like herself. But Mom....how is dad going to do the dishes? Oh wait....he only needs one hand to hold onto his cane. He can't shrug his duties just because of a minor hip replacement surgery!!!

What I am thankful for:
My Beautiful Healthy Family
My Beautiful Home
For Beautiful Food
and above all my Beautiful Creator who loves me no matter what. Even though I am not loveable (most of the time) he still died on the cross for me. He so loved me he wanted to give, even me, a way into eternal life.
As the song goes...."Thank you Lord for saving my soul. Thank you Lord for making me whole. Thank you Lord for giving to me, Thy Great Salavation so rich and free!"
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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