Moose Dogs

I have mentioned my moose dogs on my blog before and I actually got a picture the other day of both of them together. Usually if they are together, Lilly (the Dane) is sprawled on the floor and Sirion (the Weimer) is snuggled all up into her belly. Sorry for the bright eyes (no time for editing)...they are not alien dogs...only Moose Dogs! They drive me crazy and yet I just love them. Especially Sirion. He is a rescue. We found him at the animal shelter and he was nothing but skin and bones. I took a huge leap of faith (or made a really stupid decision at the time) and adopted him. He was 3 years old, not altered, starved and we had no history of him. I can't believe I wanted to bring him home. It could have been a huge disaster. BUT...he has turned out to be the GREATEST dog I have ever owned....and my family can attest I have owned plenty. He did great with the kids, with Lilly, and the cat. He is house broken and he is not food aggressive. He is a lover and he loves to be called handsome. His down side that almost sent him back to the pound (by L) was his separation anxiety. Oh boy...did I have some messes to clean and we still need to replace the bathroom linoleum due to scratching. But we bought a kennel and all is well. He even puts himself into it at night to sleep. We don't lock him at night, he just goes in and sleeps all night.
When we first brought him home I had to get up with him every hour to go 'potty.' Now he sleeps through the night. He weighed 50lbs when we got him (he weighed 40+ when the shelter got him) and he now weighs a whopping 105. He's a tiny chubby...but the doc says he is on the bigger side for his breed body frame wise and it seems to be a good weight for he's good! He is a dear. I adore him.
As for dream dog turned nightmare! I have always wanted a dane and we were given her as a gift. She was a doll as a puppy (though my mom says she wasn't a puppy..puppies are and we raised her through the puppyhood. Blah!!! I said I wouldn't have a puppy...and again I say...I will NEVER have a puppy again. What a horrible time. A new marriage, a new blended family AND a new puppy. She ruined the carpet, the trim on the walls, the end of my daughters bed, AND all the puppy toys. You know the ones to keep them busy and to keep them chewing on things other than your own stuff...yeh right!!! She has a been a huge pain in my butt. She never leashed trained, we take her out the door and she goes berserk! IF she gets out the door...she is gone. She takes off and doesn't look back. She barks at everything. She vomits every couple of months and emits a foul odor (besides the nasty gas she has daily). AND to top it off....she drools!!! I hate that the most. It is on my walls, the carpet, the pictures on the walls, the piano....and I even found some of my ceiling fan. A fan that was turning at the time!!! Now that's talent! She only weighs 115, not a big dane. The reason we still have her? She is sweet and the kids LOVE her. She is so loving. But when she has gone on to doggy heaven (if they let her in) I will do the happy dance with a tear in my eye.....Sad but happy.
We love the 'Big Dog' phrase..."Dead Dogs wag no Tails" sorry...but the kids are big 'Pirates of the Caribbean' fans so it made us laugh!!!
That is my Doggy tail....tale!!!
Our moose dogs....Sirion and Lilly


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