Treading water

Well I still feel as though I am just keeping my head above water but that's a good thing right? I would rather be playing in the sand on a warm beach but at least I am not sinking like a stone.
One of the challenges I am facing right now with working with the state is ALL the people in my life. They warn you but it's not until you are experiencing that the reality sinks in. I am a pretty private person when it comes to my home and my family so I knew God was going to stretch me. I wish I was like Mrs. Incredible. I love what she says "wife, mother, superhero!" yep....that's us mom's, but boy do I wish I could flexible like her. Mold and bend easily in whatever direction God would have me go. Why does my flesh have to resist.
So, back to my state visitors. I have at minimum two calls a day (except Fridays usually), at least one person comes to my house 3 days of the week and then I take one of my kids to counseling once a week. So, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are my state free days.
Things I wish....I wish I would make my kids keep their rooms clean. I wish I wouldn't let my kids have so much 'junk.' I wish I loved doing laundry. I wish I loved the pee around the toilets from the males in my home. I wish I had one big dog and not two. I wish I didn't have a dog that drools. I wish I had the gift of hospitality. I wish I had not allowed certain people in my life to make financial decisions. I wish we were able to adopt from Ethiopia. I wish children didn't need to be adopted. I wish parents in America would see their children as the true gifts they are. I wish potato chips and Pepsi were good for you.
So now that I have some of the wishes out of the way...I pray for my home. I pray I would have the strength and motivation to care for my family, my home, my moose dogs. I pray for miracles regarding my body. I pray for miracles regarding our finance. I pray for many many things.
I thank God for what I have. I thank God for the health of my family. I thank God I am able to walk, talk, and sing. I thank God for dogs who make me laugh and feel loved. I thank God for my kids. I thank God for the opportunity to love on the kids who don't have a home right now. I thank God my kids are so well clothed I have loads and loads of laundry. I thank God for those who are able to adopt. I thank God for many things.
So thank you Lord you never give us more than we can handle. That as I am treading water you are the one who keeps me afloat.
I love you Lord


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