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A loss

We had some shocking news in our family the other day. My nephew, the only child to my oldest brother, passed away suddenly. His wife found him on Thursday. He lived in Carson City Nevada. He was only 33.
I am sad at the loss of life. I am sad that the namesake to my dad and my brother is gone. I am sad that the only red headed boy of my parents 16 grandchildren has left us. My greatest sadness is that my brother, my only surviving brother, has lost his baby! His one and only child. The one he was so thrilled and proud to bring into this world. The one he showered with love and gifts. The one who held his heart. It has brought a huge sadness over our family.
My brother and him had been estranged for a few a years and just last month 'friended' each other on Facebook. I was so happy that they had taken this step to healing their relationship...then this happened. It doesn't make sense to me, but I know God knew this was coming. God, I believe, allowed the door to reconciliati…

A little down

I have been a little down, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hence the lack of posts. I miss posting but mostly I miss reading blogs. It was always uplifting to sit with a cup of coffee and read thoughts and feeling from different women in the U.S. Being down has affected that some along with the interruptions of the little one and the endless lists of appointments and house chores needing to be done.
I really dislike when blogs I get accustom to reading suddenly stop writing (not as much as when they put a password block on it without warning their readers) but never less....I understand when people have lack of time or energy to write...but as a reader I miss it. So I apologize to the few who read (or use to read) mine.
I am hoping in the next few months life within the Porters home will be calm or organized enough to where I can have a routine of reading blogs again.
As for me and my house, we are well. Busy, crazy, noisy and well. Thank you God!
Hope all is well with you.

Gods b…