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Politics...bah hum bug

You will not see political 'stuff' on my blog except for this entry. This entry is to say you will not see political stuff on my blog. I CHOOSE to use my blog to share about my faith in the creator. I CHOOSE to use my blog to lift others up or to share about my family. I may make entries about America because I love my country and I love living in America. I am thankful for those who do have an interest in politics...however, I do not. I pray for my family, my friends, my neighbors and many other people. I pray for our right now as many Americans are deciding who the 'best man' for the job is...well the best man has already won. The man Jesus. He won us as His bride. Wow....there is nothing more we could ever want or should ever want....Nothing.

New Addition

It has been a busy week. We had a 3 mth old baby placed in our home on Monday. The transition was much better this time, it always depends on the caseworker. This CW had everything we needed, all the paperwork ready to hand over.
This little one will probably be re-united with mom....just have no idea when. The kids are sure enjoying her. she is just a little doll. Very healthy (except for thrush and yeast). The bad part is, Thursday one of the girls and myself woke up with a severe stomach flu! Knocked me out all day Thursday. The stomach cramps were horrible. Thank God for me, L had that day off so he was able to keep everything going. My mom came by and helped also. I don't know what I would have done without them....well I do, I would have managed but would have been very miserable. So A and I are back on our feet and there are two more down today. LB and A (the boys). I am asking God to be merciful and protect baby from this. I am also hoping that my girl S would it get it now…

A Beautiful Wedding

I have a precious and dear friend named Kelli. About 9 years ago her husband decided to follow the way of the flesh and left her and their precious daughter and divorced her. The following years were such turmoil for Kelli, but not one time did Kelli doubt the Lord and His plan for their life. She never cursed him. She hardly spoke any words of anger towards her husband. She prayed...she prayed for her daughter, she prayed for her mom, and she prayed for her ex-husband. She never gave up hope that God would provide. Kelli always shared how Larry was her love and there could be no other to fill that void. She is a gorgeous woman. Sweet in spirit, smart, kind, and gentle. She could have had many man, but her heart was for her Larry.

A long story short and many events later....this dear and faithful Child of God accepted the marriage proposal of her ex husband, and this night a miracle of God was witnessed by many. They were joined once again as husband and wife. Larry has recommitted hi…
Here is Tara Newby's Blog..............please read it and see what God would have you do to bless her life and her son's life!

Preston Newby

Today at service I learned of a young couple struck with tragedy this past week. Not sure why it stuck in my heart so but it has. I looked up the articles and then I found a blog by Tara...the wife. It still amazes me after all these years how life can change in a fraction of a second. Everything you do, everything you hoped in, everything you had planned for your future. Just everything.

I will post this information on my blog in honor of Preston Newby and of his wife and two children (one yet to be born). This is my blog so I choose to pay tribute to those who I feel are due. Read Tara's blog, especially in regards to the book her hubby had wanted to write. Carry those words and share those words. Let it be a living book. Also, notice the address at the end of the article. Take some time and send Tara and her son some money! Bless her in that way. She has better use of it now than you do anyways.... :-)

Pray for them!

The article:

Preston Newby really couldn't pass by someone wh…

Early morning thinking

It's a very early morning for me. I was so looking forward to sleeping in an hour and yet I woke up earlier than normal. It gave me opportunity to tell the husband goodbye and send him off to work. I also sent out a family e-mail. Now what. I don't want to make too much noise...might wake the kiddos...don't want that!!! Ahhh, quiet...well except for the sound of the fans running, the dogs walking around, the trains going by and the planes overhead...but other than that quiet!
I have a dear sister in the Lord in Ethiopia right now. I was so looking forward to an update on her blog this morning, but nothing. I would have loved to have been with her. My heart is to go there. I have wanted to go there since I was a little girl. I have no idea what that desire would have been planted when I was a child. I think it's possible it was from looking at National Geographic. The same reason I fell in love with Jane Goodall. I lived through those magazines. So, I am wondering if tha…

Just too adorable not to share

My Grandson CJ. His mommy got this shot. Look at that smile at a month and a half old. Can you see a 'finger wrapping' in the process for this Nana? My heart is a melted pile of goo already! All I can say is WOW!!!

Just thinking thoughts....

Though I don't always understand this life from any point of view, I do understand and willingly (at this point in my life) accept that God does understand and it is HIS purpose and HIS point of view! His point of view is my soul. Which he paid for, for a great price! It belongs to Him. So, I know I will be taken care of. I will make it through the storms! I will always be loved! I will ALWAYS be HIS!!!
So my understanding of my life, or my understanding of scripture, or my understanding of how a plane flies or a baby is born or how water boils....none of it, great or small, matters whether I get it or not. What matters is HIM. He is what matters because........He was, He is, and always will be!!! He is the Alpha and the Omega!

New CD

I am very excited to say that one of my favorite music groups, Casting Crowns, has a new website and a new Christmas album coming out. The new website has some of the group members blogs. I checked out Melanie Hall's blog....she is the lead singers wife, ministry partner, mother of his adorable children, and Road Manager! Whew! So I am adding her blog to my blog because she seems, interesting, talented, gifted, blessed and spiritual.

by the way, I'm sorry I don't know how to 'name' the links I add. I will eventually, but it's just one of those things i haven't had/taken time to figure out yet.

Check out the new website and Melanie's blog. One day I will share with you my experience with CC's....but not today. Right now I am finished with my 'coffee break'…

Ups and Dooooowwwwns!

Quite a busy weekend. I have a couple of posts sitting in the 'drafts' and will probably stay there. So much happened this weekend. Good and not so good. The good is we had great events we attended and we all had a great time. The very last event of the weekend and it was even right at the end of the event my mom decided to take an unexpected nap....while sitting up in her chair....actually, she passed out. I thank God she was sitting and I was watching her and was able to get right up behind her when she went out. I was able to keep her upright in her chair. She was only out for about a minute....felt like an hour!
She is doing ok now...very tired, a little weak, and a little woosy. I thank God it was not worse. I am soooo not ready for that. God knows that! Right God?!?!?! She is my best friend. I love and adore her with all that I am! I am glad she is ok. Maybe in about 50 years or so I will be ready to let her go.......well Maybe!!!!
Thank you Father for knowing she is stil…

New pic of new babe

I received an updated pic of little Miss Makiah which I will call Kiah but will refer to her as Ki on my blog. Mom and baby are home and doing ok. Mom is not bouncing back as fast as she did with the last two and baby was not happy last night. Pray they can calm Ki so that all can get the rest they need.

This picture is much better of the little one. Enjoy

A new baby....

Today our family welcomed a newcomer. A precious baby girl named Makiah Paige. She was born to my Step kids Chris and Connie. They have a son and two daughters now. Connie has always had the biggest babies in the family....between 10 and 11 lbs....this precious one came out at whopping 7lbs 8 ozs! An actual baby and not a one month old.
They are doing well. Mom had some complications but is resting at the hospital....hopefully! Not the best pic of her pretty face I am sure....but not too bad since it was taken with a phone!
Welcome precious baby girl! We love you so much already!!! Congratulations Chris, Connie, Kyler and Kaylee!!! WE LOVE YOU!

So many things...not enough time...

Saturday, September 13th, is the Mt. Hood Legacy Kids Health fair. They have a great price on bike helmets ($5 ea) and they have different clinics, low cost immunizations, tours of Life Flight, ambulance, and fire truck and several other hands on activities for kids 2-12. Should be fun. I need helmets for my new kids so we are planning on going. It will be a good time.

On Sunday, September 14th, the Greater Gresham Baptist Church is having their annual Block Party.
It is free and it is from 12-4. This year they are holding it at the Mt. Hood Community College parking lot. It is a lot of fun. We have attended and the kids always have a great time. They have food, games, raffle drawings, and a 'cruise in.'

Something I would love to have attended but won't make it this year is.....
Info from my friend Heather's Blog
"Shelly from Friday School: I wan…

A book

So there is this book that is being talked about a lot. I saw it in the 'Christian Supply' one day along with my Mom and she said she would like to read it. I told her it's because it has my name in it...'Missy.' Neither of us had heard of it. But, since then, we have heard a lot of talk about it. She will be receiving the book soon from a dear friend...our pastor, then once she reads it I will too. Now I am going out on a limb...well sorta! I checked out the website and yes the book sounds intriguing but what I really enjoyed was the authors abbreviated testimony (my words). It really touched my heart. Wow...he's like a 'real' guy...human. He has been down some roads and up some hills and the Truth he has come to understand is perfect...right on target. So, though I have not read the book, I am going to post the link to his testimony. It was for sure a 'good read.' Hope the book will be as well...oh and one more thing? He lives in our neck o…

1 month

My little man is one month old today. Here is a pic I received today....what a little chubawumba!!! CUTE!!!
My kids and grandkids bring me such joy!
Thank you Father!!!

Are you ready for some football?

My hubby and son had the opportunity to go to a Semi Pro football game Saturday night. They had a blast. The teams name...'The Blackshirts.' My son started football practice, has his first game this coming weekend...he is stoked! God protect him from all injury!!! That's my job as a sideline mom....prayer!

First Day

We did it....yep, we survived our first day of HOMESCHOOLING!!! Whoop whoop!!! It was fun. The girls had fun...I had fun...and LB was a great 'bystander' today. It went MUCH longer than we had anticipated but the girls didn't seem to mind.

I know, I's only our first day and I also know there will be days that will be challenging but right now...I am enjoying the fun we had today. I am living in the JOY of today.

Here's my hard working girls! Oh by the way....the name of their teacher is "Mz. Gorgeous!" LOL......The most beautiful teacher in their school!!! "She's Purty and stuuuuf!" as S would say!

Tears in the dark
Laying at night in the comfort of the bed, tears are free to flow.
The sorrows of the day swelling in the heart, not knowing where else to go.
The pain is so great, no one knows but you.
Hidden in the light to protect the few.
Burying it deep to guard the young in mind.
It sours the stomach, robs the victim of time.
Endless pain it seems,
‘Never to end’ the spirit screams.
Why does it have to be this way, all the needless pain.
Pray for sleep, rest from the strain.
Awake in the morning, to start a fresh new day.
But same old crap presented in a new, yet ol’familiar way.
The sorrows of life swelling in the heart,
not knowing where else to go, except to escape into the dark.

Random Summer Pics #2

At the falls
Little water bug
L and his gang at Imagination Station
Lunch at Blue Lake Park
Shucking SWEET corn

The girls first time fishing. Daddy giving casting tips

Looking for the best fishing spot

Random Summer Pics

Playground at Blue Lake Park
Petting the lion (cardboard lion) at the zoo
Hula Family
Family BBQ
PL wearing LB's Spiderman Cape! What nerve!!!!

New group of kids

Just noticed a new group of kids needing a forever home. Take a look and pray for them. Pass on the information to someone who may be interested in giving them a home or maybe another prayer warrior such as yourself.
All the kids on the NWAE website are important and need your prayers and love, but I know it's much more difficult to find a forever home for large groups of kids which is why I highlight them.


Philippians 4:8
"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." Since this world pretty much sucks, this scripture will be my encouragement today. I will focus on 'such' things.

Ice Cream

Last night was the 'night' before the first day of school. Our school had an ice cream social/open house. The kids had fun. We were able to see MKs room and meet her teacher. It's a great way for the kids to get a little of their nerves out before the first day of school. I would have loved something like that when I was in grade school. Wow....I don't even remember the first day of school for any of my elementary years....was it that traumatic or am I just THAT old? lol

Back to School

Today is the first day of public school in our district. My son A was very excited. He loves school. He loves all the interaction. He loves the sports. He loves Honor choir. He hates homework but loves reading. So today is a good day for him. He will start football practice today also. He looked very handsome in his new school clothes. The girls at school will be swooning by the end of first period. The phone calls will probably start by end of the week. sigh. The trials of having not only a handsome son but a nice one at that!!!

MK started her first day at school also. This is a new school for her. She was oh so excited but nervous and scared. poor thing. So many changes in her young life. All the state people. The new 'parents' the new 'siblings' the new house and pets and so on......I am thankful though, she and LB are with us. They are precious. I know MK will have a great day and by tomorrow it will be 'old hat' to her. I am sure she will make new friends.…

New Movie

A new movie coming out this month which looks fantastic. It is made by the same production company as 'Flywheel' and 'Facing the Giants.' Both GREAT movies. I can't wait.
The movie is called 'Fireproof.'