Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New CD

I am very excited to say that one of my favorite music groups, Casting Crowns, has a new website http://www.castingcrowns.com/?roi=farm-14800268-106707-42f9a24aa3a279879e7b5dca420c5890& and a new Christmas album coming out. The new website has some of the group members blogs. I checked out Melanie Hall's blog....she is the lead singers wife, ministry partner, mother of his adorable children, and Road Manager! Whew! So I am adding her blog to my blog because she seems rather....cool, interesting, talented, gifted, blessed and spiritual.

by the way, I'm sorry I don't know how to 'name' the links I add. I will eventually, but it's just one of those things i haven't had/taken time to figure out yet.

Check out the new website and Melanie's blog. One day I will share with you my experience with CC's....but not today. Right now I am finished with my 'coffee break' and back on the clock as mom. Off to a football game!
Love ya

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