New Homeschooling

Starting this week we are schooling with a 'Virtual' school. We signed up last fall for a school called 'Clackamas Web Academy,' but the school was full. They had a few openings and asked if I was still interested. YES! I thought it would start this coming fall but no, they started this week. It is totally free, it is based local, they have teachers, and they give each student a lap top. They have labs they can attend and they also have field trips and celebrations together.
My girls love the program so far and they are excited about the get togethers with the other kids. I am excited I won't be knocking myself out to work up lessons, correct work, and walk around feeling like a failure because I didn't work up a lesson or I didn't correct their work. I also don't have to spend 100's of dollars on curriculum (what a rip off...personal note).
It is not Christian based and I know there are those who would have issue with that....and that's ok. I have issue with Christian based companies ripping off Christians with their curriculum. anyways. At least they are still at home with me. I can filter what they learn by explaining our side or point of view. They are still home for me to have daily devotionals and bible studies with them. They are still home for me to love them and build them up. I know my God opened the door to this...just at the perfect time. I am very thankful. Now I am praying they are up to the level they need to be....just my insecurity shining through again. I want them to learn all they can and enjoy doing so. I want all my kids to see learning is a joy and not a drudgery. I am not raising my girls to be future wives...I am raising them to be strong, intelligent, secure women of God. That will make them a great wife...if that is what God has planned in their future. Whether they are a Vet, a Doctor, teacher, nurse, cashier, missionary, or mother, they will be loving, gentle, kind, serving, and faithful followers of the Most High God.


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