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Catching up

Not sure why life seems to be on an endless treadmill of trials, but it is. I remember years ago when the 'low tide' seemed to last for months before the next 'high tide' would come seems I may get a day or two sometimes even a week, but that's stretching it.
Let me lay it out:
Car wreck, totalling my van and wrecking my nerves
My sister in law has a stroke and is diagnosised with diabetes
Japan has an earthquake, sets off a Tsunami, my pregnant daughter and 15mth old grandson are on the Island of night with warning sirens going off. She has no idea what to do or where to go. She finally connected with another Navy wife and they comforted each other and kept each company all night. What a sickening, helpless feeling for me as a Mama.
My foster daughter fell and cut her arm badly on a chain link fence. When
I heard her screaming and coming to the house, my heart felt like it stopped. As my
front door ope…