Thursday, July 31, 2008

Upcoming Festivities

I am still awaiting the birth of my grandson but in the meantime we will be celebrating my youngest bio daughters birthday. Her birthday is on Saturday. The festivities will start on Friday when we will be going to the Oregon Zoo One of our favorite places. There is a Dinosaur Exhibit running at this time which daughter A is thrilled to go and see. I have heard from family that it is indeed a good exhibit.
Saturday we will be attending the Chautauqua Festival in Gladstone Oregon . Just a small little town on the suburb of Portland but it's a family tradition to attend. The kids get plenty of candy, we get to see the 'Elvis' Lady (Elvis' #1 fan) and several VBS floats. Then we head to the city park and enjoy music and the smell of carnival food.
After the Gladstone activities we will head home where we will celebrate the birth of a rare and precious gift, my daughter A. We will have a few family members come over and we will have cake and maybe ice cream. All my kids had birthday parties last year so this year is little more low key. So there will be plenty of pictures to share in the coming days.
'Jehovah Shalom'

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'Extra all about it"

I finally found (with my Mom's help) the web page created for my Aunt and Uncle to celebrate their anniversary. Take a look. It's great. GOOD job Tommy and thanks for posting pictures I could steal for my blog! and if that doesn't work try

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A 'Golden' weekend

This weekend was a busy one.
> My adult son J and my step son A participated in a softball game Saturday morning. It was Fairview vs Troutdale. This weekend was Fairviews 100th anniversary. Our team (Fairview) lost but it was fun and the teams seemed to have a great time.
>I would like to have visited some of the other activities but we needed to head to Harrisburg (OR) for a VERY important celebration. It was a party for my Aunt and Uncles 50th 'Golden' wedding anniversary. They were an important part of my life when I was little. We moved to Oregon when I was 6 (or 7) and they were the only relatives here. They were so kind, so loving, and sooooo funny! They always made me laugh and still do. My uncle always had/has a happy tune to whistle and I so remember my aunt having the most beautiful singing voice. I remember watching her sing at church and thinking "wow...I want to sing like that." Don't know if I ever achieved that, but I do know singing has always been my passion. In Grade school, High school, with a college choir, nursing homes, and with church. I have never been a great performer but I love to share music that speaks to my heart. So between my very talented Mom and my talented aunt, the foundation for music was laid. I adore my aunt and uncle. I am glad God brought them together 50 years ago and has kept them together. They have given a lot in this world and I say "Thank you and I LOVE you!"
>I was also able to stop in Salem/Keizer to get some clothes for my two new kids. Some GREAT clothes. My mom had stopped the day before I did so she picked up dresses for 'the girl' and then the next day I picked up some shorts and shirts. On Sunday, on the way home from Harrisburg I stopped at my nieces home. She has two boys and she had tubs and boxes of clothes for me to go through for 'the boy'. Amazing clothes. The kids are stocked up now. We will need winter coats eventually and 'the girl' will need some more jeans and pants but other than that...they are all set. THANKS Angie and Kristy!!! By the way.....visit 'My Kids Stuff' in Keizer Oregon for some wonderful consignment clothing and etc for infants and children! It has been a part of our family for YEARS! Now it's under new (non relative) ownership but it's STILL a part of our family! It's a blessing, though some might say it's a curse.....'The Little Shop of Horrors" (family joke)
We then made it home safe and sound. A little weary but not bad. We had a great time at the hotel last night. I was letting each child have their own "spaz time" while I video taped with my phone. It was hilarious, they had a great time of laughing and it helped to get them all ready for bed! I will try to post one or two of the videos...some day when I am not so weary!
In the meantime, think upon this:

1 Thessalonians 5:16
"Be joyful always; 17pray continually; 18give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beautiful Pacific Northwest

Yesterday was a glorious day in the Pacific Northwest. Weather was perfect. Cool and eventually sunny. After a full day of grocery shopping and running errands I loaded up my adult daughter K and my 5 other kids and we headed up the 'Old Columbia' Hwy. We stopped off at Wakeena Falls and made the short but grueling (for me) trip up to the falls. It was great. Loud, wet, scenic, and perfect. Then back down to load up again. We then stopped at Multnomah Falls...always a treat! The new little ones had never been there so they were excited to see it. Then we loaded up again and headed to Horse Tail Falls. I had never stopped at that one. Just a few steps down and you are at the pool/base of the waterfall. Shallow enough for the kids to play in it. They had a blast. My dog Sirion (he is a rescue dog who happens to be a Weimeraner) loved the water too. I have never had the opportunity to take him to water before. He would stick his face all the way into the water and grab rocks at the bottom of the pool. We had a great time and I was once again reminded as to why I love Western Oregon. I lived for 4 years in Eastern Oregon (Vale) and there was some beauty there also but nothing like Western Oregon. This is where my heart is.

It was a good day. Gods artistic side is perfect and amazing!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

11 days to go

Have I mentioned recently anything about my bio Grandson? I didn't think so. I am so VERY excited. We only have 11 days til due date, so basically he could be making his beautiful appearance anytime. I don't have current ultra sound pics of him but soon I will have some real pics of him.....ahhhh, I can't wait to kiss his little face.

On the up side

Though I complained about working the system and figuring out OHP I have finally been able to make the needed medical appointments for the two little ones and dental coverage is in the works. Whew! I must say, though there appears to be many cracks in the State system everyone I have worked with thus far have been WONDERFUL. They are kind and courteous and helpful. Kudos to the State Child Welfare employees!

"One day at a time sweet Jesus...."

All is well on our home front. Our first placement has been a real blessing. Both the 'Treasures' (kids) are very balanced and sweet. I know in their heart there is pain and a void but for what they have been through, they are great. Our family and our church family just love them. I am very blessed.
Today would have been visitation with bio mom for the first time since they have been with us but she is MIA. I did not tell them about the visit so they don't know she did not show. I am going to seek advice on how to talk to them about it. I don't want them getting their hopes up only to have them dashed but I also don't feel right about letting time just keep ticking away and them start to wonder why they see Dad every week but no one talks about them seeing Mom. I thank God that at least Dad has been showing up. Pray for them.

Now that our home life is starting to settle in some, my brain has gone back to planning our homeschooling for the year. I really feel convicted to stay away from the curriculum. I'm not sure why. I pray it's from God and not my own conviction. I feel I am being led to use this first year to read a lot and use life experiences to learn. I do want to find a couple of text books for math but we are going to be studying basic math. Neither of my girls know how to tell time, count change, or recite all their multiplication tables. So we will learn that the first part of the year. Then start working at grade appropriate math skills. We will work on spelling words, writing/journaling, and writing reports and essays about the different places I intend to visit. I believe the reading will be the most difficult to keep them on track with. They both read well but it hasn't become a passion for them yet so keeping them focused and on task may take a while....but we have all the time we need.
One change in my fantasy planning of homeschooling will be I will still have a little one in school. My son A will be attending middle school and that we already had planned but now we will also have one of our foster kids attending grade school. So back to the uniforms (yes, our public elementary wears uniforms) and time restrictions. I am not sure yet if I will be signing up the youngest for Head Start. I am very unfamiliar with that program.
The other desire of my heart is to some day adopt from Africa. Not sure if that is a God driven desire or my own. Time will tell.
So as the song says, "one day at a time....." that is what we do. That is all I have the courage and strength for.

Matthew 6:34
"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." AMEN

Monday, July 21, 2008

Riding the waves....

I am now a mommy to 5...again. It's been many years since I had 5 kids under my roof but I must say it feels natural. Especially since I have always been blessed with GREAT kids.
We have been quite busy. The two new kids were brought to us on Friday. It is a 7 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. They were a little shy and nervous but seemed to adjust quickly. Having other kids I am sure assisted in the transition.
That Saturday we participated in a yard sale, which was horrible and I will say I will never do again. I just do not have 'junk' that other people want. Two of my sons on the other hand did pretty well. Then that following Sunday (July 14th) VBS at our church started. It's always a great program but it runs from 6:30-9:00 which means fixing dinner promptly on time every day and then we try and get to the church by 6, then to return home by 9:30. Looooong days.
I had the Saturday after VBS to regroup only to totally forget the books at the Library I had reserved, so they will probably be re shelved...oh well. Then Sunday was closing program for VBS which means it replaces the regular church service. It went well and then we were all off to the church picnic which is always fun and relaxing. It was a good weekend....though I still feel tired!!!
The new kids have adjusted great. They are a good match with our family. All is well this far.
Today will be a new adventure. we have two state set appointments. One I am unsure about so live and learn. What has caused me stress so far is not knowing how to work the system. I don't mean trying to rip off the system I mean trying to figure it out. Kids on the 'Oregon Health Plan' are not welcome very many places and even those places I have found to take them have given me some problems. There are so many cracks in the system which makes me wonder if the higher educated are really that educated at all. What a mess so many things are in. I know full well too because I the place I worked Pryor to becoming a stay at home mom again, was basically a Government related company and it was an is a mess. So as I keep saying to my husband and my Mom...I will keep my focus on the kids and not on the system I have to work within. It's about the Little innocents. So it's up and down and over and under....just like riding the waves in the Pacific but eventually we get tossed up on shore (I am wearing the armor of God which i know is shark proof!!!!). So let's enjoy the ride. I want to count ALL things joy. I have a ways to go to get my heart, head, and the word of God to be synced together but I will get there.....God willing, I WILL get there!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

And we're off....

It seems God has swung wide the door he so directed us to. For many years I have desired to be a Foster parent for the State of Oregon. I prayed and asked God to cleary open the door if this be HIS will for our life. Then a couple of months ago my hubby and I began the certification process. Well, tomorrow will be our first placement with the Oregon State DHS. I am nervous and excited. My heart is heavy for the 2 little ones who will be placed with us but I am excited to get them out of the 'center' where they are being kept at this time. I won't give details regarding the children coming and going through our home except age and gender but I will ask you to pray for them and let God do the rest. He not only know their names and situations, he knows how hairs are on their heads.
We have been busy rearranging rooms and putting up bunk beds (which by the way had missing parts and yet because I have an amazing mother, we were able to make new parts!) and searching the web for other pieces of furniture...such as a toddler bed. Last night we did receive an e-mail telling us a family in Boring (for those of you out of state, that really is a name of a town in Oregon) had a toddler bed and mattress for us. YEEESSSS! We got up bright and early and my hubby went and picked it up while my son A and I rearranged the room.
We are pretty much ready. Yes, I am nervous. Not knowing the future can some times cause slight tension but knowing who holds and directs that future gives peace. God has a plan and purpose for our lives, I am walking the path of one of the plans and purposes he has for me and I rejoice in Him.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Prayer and Fasting

I decided to post this plea for fasting and prayer. Though the dates mentioned have come and gone I believe it is still an excellent form of worship and prayer for Zimbabwe and for our nation. Consider praying and fasting for Zimbabwe and for the USA.
Please read and see what you are willing to give up either for a 'time' or forever. But please remember, in ALL things let it be by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

"We are setting aside June 26-June 29 to pray and fast for Zimbabwe. To make our fasting particularly relevant to Zimbabwe, we have compiled a list of things that Zimbabweans live without daily. We encourage you to look through the list and pick something to live without for this four day period (or choose one item a day for the four days).
In looking at the list you might think, "There is no way I can live without ___________!" We imagine the Zimbabweans once thought that way too. However, today they have no choice.
By fasting one or more of these items, you are choosing to suffer and stand in Christ with your Zimbabwean brothers and sisters. Please look through the list either as a single, couple or as a family and decide what you would like to fast. You might also consider asking your cell group, small group, Sunday School class, or church to join you."
Water from the tap; a shower
Phone service
Cell Phone
Video Games
Gasoline/Diesel Fuel
Listening to music from stereo, cd player, ipod
Peanut Butter
Cooking Oil
Toilet Paper
Sanitary Napkins
Infant formula
Medicine of all kinds/Medical help
Going to school (Teachers are deserting schools due to lack of pay and teachers are also targets for political violence.)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

"God Bless the USA"

Still trying to figure out how to get this blog out there. I can't even find it myself without using my shortcut. It's pretty obvious I am not a brainiac.
Another Independence Day has come and gone. I love the 4th of July. I don't like explosions (such as thunder or TNT) but I love the 4th. I love and adore America. I have no desire to live anywhere else. I am so thankful for this beautiful land.
I do know it will not always be this way, this nation of freedom. We are a nation built on faith and yet the majority has and will turn their backs on God. So we too shall slip into the darkness that other countries are consumed by. But right of today. I am still free to praise God. I am free to talk to my neighbor and drive down the road to visit my family. I am free to sing "God Bless America" or "God Bless the USA." I am free to keep my face uncovered and look others in the eyes. I AM FREE! and I for one give thanks to the Almighty God, creator of the heavens and the earth for that. HIS love endures forever!
Happy Independence Day!