"One day at a time sweet Jesus...."

All is well on our home front. Our first placement has been a real blessing. Both the 'Treasures' (kids) are very balanced and sweet. I know in their heart there is pain and a void but for what they have been through, they are great. Our family and our church family just love them. I am very blessed.
Today would have been visitation with bio mom for the first time since they have been with us but she is MIA. I did not tell them about the visit so they don't know she did not show. I am going to seek advice on how to talk to them about it. I don't want them getting their hopes up only to have them dashed but I also don't feel right about letting time just keep ticking away and them start to wonder why they see Dad every week but no one talks about them seeing Mom. I thank God that at least Dad has been showing up. Pray for them.

Now that our home life is starting to settle in some, my brain has gone back to planning our homeschooling for the year. I really feel convicted to stay away from the curriculum. I'm not sure why. I pray it's from God and not my own conviction. I feel I am being led to use this first year to read a lot and use life experiences to learn. I do want to find a couple of text books for math but we are going to be studying basic math. Neither of my girls know how to tell time, count change, or recite all their multiplication tables. So we will learn that the first part of the year. Then start working at grade appropriate math skills. We will work on spelling words, writing/journaling, and writing reports and essays about the different places I intend to visit. I believe the reading will be the most difficult to keep them on track with. They both read well but it hasn't become a passion for them yet so keeping them focused and on task may take a while....but we have all the time we need.
One change in my fantasy planning of homeschooling will be I will still have a little one in school. My son A will be attending middle school and that we already had planned but now we will also have one of our foster kids attending grade school. So back to the uniforms (yes, our public elementary wears uniforms) and time restrictions. I am not sure yet if I will be signing up the youngest for Head Start. I am very unfamiliar with that program.
The other desire of my heart is to some day adopt from Africa. Not sure if that is a God driven desire or my own. Time will tell.
So as the song says, "one day at a time....." that is what we do. That is all I have the courage and strength for.

Matthew 6:34
"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." AMEN


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