Riding the waves....

I am now a mommy to 5...again. It's been many years since I had 5 kids under my roof but I must say it feels natural. Especially since I have always been blessed with GREAT kids.
We have been quite busy. The two new kids were brought to us on Friday. It is a 7 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. They were a little shy and nervous but seemed to adjust quickly. Having other kids I am sure assisted in the transition.
That Saturday we participated in a yard sale, which was horrible and I will say I will never do again. I just do not have 'junk' that other people want. Two of my sons on the other hand did pretty well. Then that following Sunday (July 14th) VBS at our church started. It's always a great program but it runs from 6:30-9:00 which means fixing dinner promptly on time every day and then we try and get to the church by 6, then to return home by 9:30. Looooong days.
I had the Saturday after VBS to regroup only to totally forget the books at the Library I had reserved, so they will probably be re shelved...oh well. Then Sunday was closing program for VBS which means it replaces the regular church service. It went well and then we were all off to the church picnic which is always fun and relaxing. It was a good weekend....though I still feel tired!!!
The new kids have adjusted great. They are a good match with our family. All is well this far.
Today will be a new adventure. we have two state set appointments. One I am unsure about so live and learn. What has caused me stress so far is not knowing how to work the system. I don't mean trying to rip off the system I mean trying to figure it out. Kids on the 'Oregon Health Plan' are not welcome very many places and even those places I have found to take them have given me some problems. There are so many cracks in the system which makes me wonder if the higher educated are really that educated at all. What a mess so many things are in. I know full well too because I the place I worked Pryor to becoming a stay at home mom again, was basically a Government related company and it was an is a mess. So as I keep saying to my husband and my Mom...I will keep my focus on the kids and not on the system I have to work within. It's about the Little innocents. So it's up and down and over and under....just like riding the waves in the Pacific but eventually we get tossed up on shore (I am wearing the armor of God which i know is shark proof!!!!). So let's enjoy the ride. I want to count ALL things joy. I have a ways to go to get my heart, head, and the word of God to be synced together but I will get there.....God willing, I WILL get there!


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