New Addition

It has been a busy week. We had a 3 mth old baby placed in our home on Monday. The transition was much better this time, it always depends on the caseworker. This CW had everything we needed, all the paperwork ready to hand over.
This little one will probably be re-united with mom....just have no idea when. The kids are sure enjoying her. she is just a little doll. Very healthy (except for thrush and yeast). The bad part is, Thursday one of the girls and myself woke up with a severe stomach flu! Knocked me out all day Thursday. The stomach cramps were horrible. Thank God for me, L had that day off so he was able to keep everything going. My mom came by and helped also. I don't know what I would have done without them....well I do, I would have managed but would have been very miserable. So A and I are back on our feet and there are two more down today. LB and A (the boys). I am asking God to be merciful and protect baby from this. I am also hoping that my girl S would it get it now so she can hurry and get over it. Her and sister A go to Outdoor School Monday and they are very excited about it. I pray she doesn't get sick at all....but if it's going to happen, i hope it happens now.
So that's the newest new. I need to close and shower before the baby wakes up. Life is full!!!


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