Ups and Dooooowwwwns!

Quite a busy weekend. I have a couple of posts sitting in the 'drafts' and will probably stay there. So much happened this weekend. Good and not so good. The good is we had great events we attended and we all had a great time. The very last event of the weekend and it was even right at the end of the event my mom decided to take an unexpected nap....while sitting up in her chair....actually, she passed out. I thank God she was sitting and I was watching her and was able to get right up behind her when she went out. I was able to keep her upright in her chair. She was only out for about a minute....felt like an hour!
She is doing ok now...very tired, a little weak, and a little woosy. I thank God it was not worse. I am soooo not ready for that. God knows that! Right God?!?!?! She is my best friend. I love and adore her with all that I am! I am glad she is ok. Maybe in about 50 years or so I will be ready to let her go.......well Maybe!!!!
Thank you Father for knowing she is still soooo needed down here. Sooooo needed!!!!


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