Back to School

Today is the first day of public school in our district. My son A was very excited. He loves school. He loves all the interaction. He loves the sports. He loves Honor choir. He hates homework but loves reading. So today is a good day for him. He will start football practice today also. He looked very handsome in his new school clothes. The girls at school will be swooning by the end of first period. The phone calls will probably start by end of the week. sigh. The trials of having not only a handsome son but a nice one at that!!!

MK started her first day at school also. This is a new school for her. She was oh so excited but nervous and scared. poor thing. So many changes in her young life. All the state people. The new 'parents' the new 'siblings' the new house and pets and so on......I am thankful though, she and LB are with us. They are precious. I know MK will have a great day and by tomorrow it will be 'old hat' to her. I am sure she will make new friends. My prayer is she will make female friends. She tends to be drawn to the boys alot and I just hate that. I hate it because it's not right and she is too young. She needs good female friends that she can play dolls with, or 'house' or all the other things young girls do. Talk about their hair and clothes and toys and such. When they are drawn to boys they tend to talk about boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. They tend to fight and wrestle. Anyways....I am praying she makes some good friends. The activity of a school day will be good for her. She is very 'hyper' and needs interaction.

LB did well with sending big sis off. As she was sitting at her desk he asked her, " gonna be ok?" how cute is that. Then they hugged. At this time in their little lives they are their only constant! The only ones they can rely on to 'be there' for each other.

My girl A had a hard time going and seeing the school and old friends and knowing she would not be a part of it. She is sad to not be a part of SP...her school. They really enjoyed that school. She was however ready to start home school today, but I was not. I will spend the rest of this week preparing my plans and thoughts for Monday. I have to some sort of plan. Not sure what that plan will be yet (LOL) but I have to have one.

I pray blessings over my kids. Those at school and those at home and those who are (I say this lightly) adult. I pray for all of them. They are my 'Treasures!'


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