A Beautiful Wedding

I have a precious and dear friend named Kelli. About 9 years ago her husband decided to follow the way of the flesh and left her and their precious daughter and divorced her. The following years were such turmoil for Kelli, but not one time did Kelli doubt the Lord and His plan for their life. She never cursed him. She hardly spoke any words of anger towards her husband. She prayed...she prayed for her daughter, she prayed for her mom, and she prayed for her ex-husband. She never gave up hope that God would provide. Kelli always shared how Larry was her love and there could be no other to fill that void. She is a gorgeous woman. Sweet in spirit, smart, kind, and gentle. She could have had many man, but her heart was for her Larry.

A long story short and many events later....this dear and faithful Child of God accepted the marriage proposal of her ex husband, and this night a miracle of God was witnessed by many. They were joined once again as husband and wife. Larry has recommitted his life to the Lord and the family circle has been closed once again. When it was time for the bride to walk down the isle, Kelli, her daughter and her soon to be husband (again) walked arm in arm. It was beautiful and touching. Those who know Kelli, know what an amazing blessing this is. To witness the miracles of God is truly a wonder, a gift.
Congratulation my dear and precious friend and sister. It truly was an "Ordinary MIRACLE." You are such a blessing and you are so loved!!! Thank you for letting us all share in the manifestation of your prayers and your faith!

Congratulations to all three of you!!!

p.s. sorry the quality of the pic is poor...I forgot my camera, had to use my phone and I of course had to post a picture of some sort.


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