Beautiful Pacific Northwest

Yesterday was a glorious day in the Pacific Northwest. Weather was perfect. Cool and eventually sunny. After a full day of grocery shopping and running errands I loaded up my adult daughter K and my 5 other kids and we headed up the 'Old Columbia' Hwy. We stopped off at Wakeena Falls and made the short but grueling (for me) trip up to the falls. It was great. Loud, wet, scenic, and perfect. Then back down to load up again. We then stopped at Multnomah Falls...always a treat! The new little ones had never been there so they were excited to see it. Then we loaded up again and headed to Horse Tail Falls. I had never stopped at that one. Just a few steps down and you are at the pool/base of the waterfall. Shallow enough for the kids to play in it. They had a blast. My dog Sirion (he is a rescue dog who happens to be a Weimeraner) loved the water too. I have never had the opportunity to take him to water before. He would stick his face all the way into the water and grab rocks at the bottom of the pool. We had a great time and I was once again reminded as to why I love Western Oregon. I lived for 4 years in Eastern Oregon (Vale) and there was some beauty there also but nothing like Western Oregon. This is where my heart is.

It was a good day. Gods artistic side is perfect and amazing!


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