Date night

We had a wicked storm move through yesterday that hit Washington harder than Oregon. I enjoyed it though. There was no thunder and lightening (which I hate) and I no longer live in a home that is surrounded by huge fir trees so I was able to enjoy it. Lots of blowing rain. Maybe it was just my mood but it was just peaceful to me.
Found out yesterday the foster baby will be with us a least until February, that is when the next court session will be held. So, it was good news and bad news. We of course are not ready to lose her. She is so precious, so beautiful and we enjoy her very much but on the other hand the longer we have her the harder it will be when she goes back to her bio Mom. I pray God's will for her life. I pray for protection over her. I pray if she does go back that she will be loved and kept safe. This is not an easy road for me but I know it's the road I am to be walking and I know God will get me through what I need to get through. I pray victory over the situation.
My husband and I will get going on a date Friday afternoon. We are going to see 'Fireproof' finally and we get to have dinner together. It's been a looooong time since we have been on a date. I am so excited. I am thrilled we get to see the movie. I didn't think it would still be in the theaters. I guess it's a divine appointment. Pray for our sitter...... lol


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