Extended Weekend

My public school kids have today off and tomorrow also for Veterans day. It's a nice break. They slept in until 7:00 which was nice. The best part was not having to get up and out. We could stay in our p.j.'s and take our time with breakfast. I am sitting at my pc drinking a cup of coffee while they play. Two baskets of laundry are staring at me. Yes...staring! Laundry takes on a life of it's own! It know I can not ignore it all day so it is taunting me. But until then, I will drink my coffee and posts these pics and try not to look out the corner of my eye.
Saturday I took 4 of the 6 six kids coat and clothes shopping and they were good and I didn't have to pull my hair out. They had so much fun. The highlight for L was us finding him not only a Spiderman Coat but also a Spiderman robe. He was overly excited. This boy loves soft fluffy blankets so a robe for the mornings and evenings are the perfect thing for him and to find one with Spiderman....wow!
We purchased some Hannah Montana shirts, High School Musical PJ's, and we even found a shirt for A that has Pirates of the C on it. I did managed to find them some darling dresses and two piece outfits they liked. So when we got home we had a mini photo shoot of the two girls.


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