Great Game but moving on...

So the Civil War game was fantastic...we knew one of the Oregon teams would be going to the Rose Bowl....we were neck to neck the entire game and then.....our top receiver was injured...broken leg! Poor guy...his senior year too! So long story short...we lost but not by much. 33-37.....I love Oregon so I am happy at least one of our teams will be going to the Rose Bowl. It was a fun night with family and a great game night for Oregon. That will be the last of my football talk for the on to Christmas!!!!

I LOVE Christmas! I am not a huge decoration fan....maybe I am just too lazy to set it all out just turn around and put it all away again. I love to look at them though. I had a fake tree for a few years...LOVED IT...then I remarried and he insisted on a real tree. We have had some great times going out to the tree farms and picking out a tree (we never go to the same farm) and cutting it down. The kids have loved it but to be honest....I miss the fake tree. No can put them out as soon as you want and leave up as long as you want. No fire hazard and once the initial cost is's free. My husband came to me and said this would be the last year of the real now I will be on a mission to find a nice fake tree. The kids were bummed but they will see how fun it can be.
I love Christmas for the music, the movies, the lights, the love. The Christmas story is the most beautiful story. I have loved it since I was a kid and still do. It amazes me the faith Mary had to accept Gods will for her. How scary to think you will give birth to a child though you are a virgin and especially in those times when women would be stoned for looking at a man who was not their father or husband....twice. But she willingly accepted Gods plan for her. God chose her out of the entire universe to carry his son. Wow...and as the prophet said, a knife would Peirce her own heart as well....
So, Christmas is coming and the Christmas music is already playing in our home...just about every room actually. The kids have their radios tuned into the local Christian station who started playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. It's great, we love it.
This month has started off hard...but I will not give up my faith in Him and His plan for our life. For a young virgin girl who was visited by an angel said "I am the Lord's servant," Mary answered "may it be to me as you have said." indeed, may it be as you have said Lord.


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