My favorite day of the year...

Christmas Eve....this has always been one of my favorite days of the year as far back as I can remember. That's the night we would attend church and be reminded of the sacrifice of our King...being born part human in a lowly state. The night I would receive earthly gifts like Baby Dolls, Barbies, nightgowns, slippers and such.....BUT today I received one of the greatest gifts...a treasure really! Today in a hospital in Portland Oregon my grandson.....
William Arnold
arrived at 1:15 via C'section. Too precious for words. Tons of black hair. It was a grueling labor towards the end but all turned out well. She is now laying comfortably in her hospital bed, holding her first truest love and enjoying every moment.

Here he is....prebath...better pictures later.....


Heather Friesen said…
Welcome William Arnold!


I am soooooo happy and excited for you and your daughter! I am glad to hear that everyone is well. How did you do? Looking forward to more photos.


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