Bible Study Homeschool Style

The most important part of our 'homeschooling' is to start with prayer and a bible study. I chose not to use a formal study, such as a store bought study guide, but to use the perfect guides. The bible and the Holy Spirit. It has been great.
Each week I choose a scripture or topic and that is what we study. Sometimes it take longer than a week. We read it, write it, talk about it until I feel comfortable moving on. I don't require them to memorize them mainly because of the person I am. I am not able to memorize scripture. I have, all my life, had a poor memory and feel memorization comes with study. Once they have it solid in their heart (that could take a day or years for any of us) then the scripture will be committed to memory. So, we work on putting it in their heart, but we move on to the next study even if they don't have it memorized. You would be amazed how the forum opens up with just the reading of a short scripture. It has been fun and fascinating.

This is what we have studied so far:
The design of the bible (I am sorry to say my girls did not know much about the bible. I have not taught them and neither has their bible study classes or youth groups) Such as OT and NT. Who the different writers were and so on.
Genesis 1
The books of the New Testament
Psalm 23
The Ten Commandments
Matthew 22 (the greatest commandments)
Philippians 4:8 (....think about such things)
Galatians 5:22 (currently-Fruits of the Spirit)

I have them look up the scripture. We read it, talk about it and then I make up different assignments for each day of the week. We have word match, word scrambles, mixed up words and (again) so on....I type these up on the computer, print them off, and have the girls work on them. Easy and cheap and very meaningful. We have really enjoyed this part of schooling. I will also print off the scripture so they can tape it to their door or wall or bathroom mirror. Though they may not be memorizing each word, they partake of the bread and it feeds their soul. I know it is being planted in their hearts and minds.


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