Back up and....sitting

My monitor went out on December 19th. I was stuck all of Christmas break and throughout our 'Winter Freeze' without a computer. I survived and so did all the kids and dogs. I do admit I am addicted...yes....My name is Malissa and I am addicted to my computer. ... I missed reading family emails. I missed reading blogs. I missed looking up info on the Internet. It was terrible. I guess there are worse things. Being without electricity (did that twice during the storm) being without a washer or dryer or (ackkkkk) being without hot water....but not much worse.
So I will have lots to share, mostly pictures once I get this monitor set up the way I want it and I get caught up on e-mails. But right now I just wanted to say....I'm "back up and running"...ok well not running exactly....but you know what I mean.


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