Meeting the Mom

The appointment for BG went fine. I was pretty wore out after it was over. Mom was very 'mentally' young and trying hard to impress upon me how she loves the baby and does everything for the baby. I won't go into details of the appointment except to say the 'baby' is in the right place at this time. The place where she is safe, loved, and well cared for her...for her sake. As for Mom, most of my frustration has melted away . I have been feeling more compassion for her. Sorry for her. Sorry that she is blind to the truth of this life. Blind that she does not know the Lord. Blind that she does not understand true love. Blind that she has so much to learn and she is taking a much harder road to learn it all. Not sure what God is doing in my heart or where this road will lead but I have laid my heart at His throne and He will do what he so chooses and I will follow. I do give God praise that the Mom was not argumentative or combative. It all went just fine and Gods grace was right on time. The morning of the appointment I woke up with peace in my heart. I had no "dread" going to the appointment.
As for BG. She did not receive her immunizations. She, surprisingly, has an ear infection in one ear. Very strange. She has not been ill or cranky or feverish. So we have another appointment in 2 weeks for a follow up. The down side is, she is now on antibiotics for 10 days. I have fought Thrush and Yeast with this poor little thing and I can see what is coming. With her being on antibiotics it will have a field day in her body. But God is good and will see us through this as well.


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