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Besides my monitor going out in December we in the Portland Oregon Metro area have had quite a winter. With what is usually pretty even keel weather...rain and more rain, we have had a couple of blizzards, a monsoon type rain storm, and last night a crazy wind storm. There are power outages all over, and branches and trees down every where. It's been a wild ride. It hasn't affected us too bad. We lost our electricity twice during the blizzard but only for a few hours the first time and 20 minutes the next. Thank God. Some went days without it. I love my home and I am so thankful for it. It keeps us dry, warm, and safe.
My hubby was on vacation for the last week and a half so i haven't had time to blog anything, not that I have too much of great importance or excitement to share....but always something to talk about.
The family is doing great. Homeschooling was put on the back burner during Christmas break and we have only did half of our intended lessons last week. I wanted to time with hubby to do some things around the house.
The foster kids are doing great. There have been some changes regarding the parental units so that could be bringing some changes in the near future good or bad. Physical changes and emotional changes. But I trust that God will get us through and he will allow what He so chooses. This week I meet the bio mother of BG. She is meeting us at a doctor appointment. I will be honest and say I do dread it because so far nothing I have written to her in our communication log has been well received. She is young, this is her first child whom has been removed from her care but she knows more than I do about this baby. Everything I write to her seems to be received as a challenge to her parental authority. So, I do dread the appointment. BG will be receiving at least 4 shots and I want to comfort her and will insist so. So I am praying there will be no problem with that. Again though, I trust that God will get us through it. He will give me peace, wisdom, love, grace, and he will harness my tongue when so needed.

I am so thankful the Lord has chosen us to participate in the ministry of fostering. Today in church I was thinking about this ministry and telling the Lord how thankful I am to be blessed to "raise" these kids he has placed with us when I felt him tell my spirit the ministry is for "loving them" not "raising" them. Hmmmm, never thought of it that way. I knew I would love them but to specifically say this ministry is about loving kids. That is God! Anyone can raise kids. I see many of them everywhere. Providing their basic needs. But loving them....that is the gift. That is the task because sometimes it's as easy as melting butter but other times it's like cutting through real butter that has just come out of the fridge. Love them though they don't love you. Love them though they were not born of you. Love them though they may not stay with you. Love them even if they do what they can to try and make you not like them. Love them the way God loves us. Unconditionally. Love them with actions. Love them with words. Love them with prayer. Love them with discipline. Love them totally. THAT is the ministry.
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Our Front door, on the right
Our place of Fellowship
'Woodland Park Baptist Church'
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