Roasting Marshmallows!

This week is spring break, a break from public school that is. We will still home school two of the 5 days and I will still have the state knocking at my door to whisk kids away to visits but at least we don't have to be up and out the door early in the morning. I like that break. I will be having portraits taken of the 3 foster kids as gifts for their 'family.' That is Monday morning (what was I thinking?!?!) so hopefully that will go well. I think it will. On Wednesday afternoon we are heading out of town...well only 45 minutes out of town. We are going kind of camping. If I could I would own and RV but until that day comes I will camp in cabins and yurts. The problem with cabins and yurts is living in a large city, anything within a 3 hr drive is booked months ahead. The Oregon state parks that is. I did stumble upon a KOA website a couple of weeks and what a God send. They now have cabins also and they actually had 2 (the size of our family requires we have two cabins now) during spring break. Yahoo! The 3 foster kids have never been camping so we are excited to expose them. It may not be tents but it will still be out in the 'wild' amongst the trees, vermin, fire pits, and with NO tv. We can't wait. We are also taking Grandma which is a treat. My parents instilled the love of camping in me....not sure where they went wrong about the tent vs cabin but I guess I can't actually blame them for all my shortcomings. We will probably have rain so this is my this order. I pray we have no rain or we have scattered showers. At least we can then get a break and let kids run around outside. I'm not a big board game fan and my hubby is not a fan (though he wouldn't admit it out loud) to have children in small quarters for several hours. It will be fun no matter what. I will be glad for the break though the preparation and the clean up upon return home is always exhausting....being away from, PC, phone and T.V. will be wonderful. I love roasting marshmallows....I can't wait!


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