Whats with this flu?

I heard people talking about the flu that was going around. I heard that so many people were calling in sick to work. Many kids missing at school but as time went by I thought...whew, we missed....and then it hit. It hit the oldest two girls first. They were down a couple of days but bounced back pretty good. Then the two older foster kids were hit. MK had a harder day than normal and then was fine (she has a great immune system) and then our little guy was hoarse and tired for a couple of days. Then it hit the baby. It has been a rough ride let me tell you. She would appear to be getting better and then go downhill again. Last Wednesday when I was holding her and she just laid there and whined I knew she was hurting. I got her in and she had infections in both ears and possible strep. She is now on a 10 day round of antibiotics. I too started with a headache and scratchy throat. Then it seemed to start going away and then wham. This weekend has been miserable. The sinus headaches are terrible. My eyes water so much I can barely see and everything from my throat up hurts. Even my teeth. So if I still feel down Monday morning I will go see the doc and see if I can get some antibiotics. I am praying we are on the road to recovery. This has been one long haul. Now the hubby is complaining about a scratchy throat. I pray he can miss the bad stuff. He usually does.
I am thankful for my husband and kids. They really pulled through today and let me rest. I had no choice I couldn't keep my eyes open. But they did great. The guilt was horrible. I don't like 'using' my kids to take care my responsibilities but today was so difficult and they did a great job. Such a wonderful family.


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