"Show Us Your Life" at Kelly's Corner Friday

This week at Kelly's Korner she is highlighting 'Baby Showers. I held a baby shower last year for my Daughter In-Law. She was going to give birth to my first grandchild. It was a pretty typical baby shower....with the exception of a few twists I threw in here and there.....Such as for the 'name the white powder' game, for the tie breaker I took a jar of sweet corn baby food, added green food coloring and they had to name the flavor. Changing the color of food has a big impact on flavor...just look at their faces! It too them several guesses to get it right.
That is the grandma and the Great Grandma in a 'taste off.'

Then....since Dad was present at the shower....we did the 'how long is the string' game. Where usually you cut off a piece of string that you believe will be the same size as moms waist...since most of the attendants had been to previous showers I did not have to explain the rules of the game....hence I did not have to lie. BECAUSE the twist they were unaware of was the measurement was to be of Daddy's waste! It was a huge crackup....lots of fun!

P.S. I am having a shower for my daughter in November. She is 'giving' me another precious little grandson...in December. She has expressed wanting to have an 'LA Dodgers' shower. Any great ideas or connections for inexpensive sport themed items would be appreciated!


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