Too hot

Though my girls always say "mom...your hot !" (they do it to make me laugh) but that is not why it's been too hot! This darn heat wave we have been having. I am just not a heat fan....would that be a pun? :-) I can do one day or two...but three or more...I get cranky. The house gets messy, the laundry piles and it just creates crankiness. Now I know there are people who live this all the time..but worse. I am really. I'm sorry you suffer so...but at this moment, on my blog I am discussing my crankiness! It's hot. We have 3 AC's going and it still gets hot. I am so thankful for those AC's though. Without them we would have had to go to a hotel in order for me to survive. Today has been better and it promised to get better in the couple of day. We may even have some rain. There is hope! So, when it's hot I don't blog as much and I don't email as much. The PC is just too hot!

So that is my summer rant. I am hoping and praying the 'wave' is over and we can go back to the hotness in the house just being me... not because it's 106 outside but because my girls are saying "you're really, you're Hot!!!" lol

I love my girls


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