The 'baby' J

Good Ol' Oregon. The weather has cooled and we have had some rain. I LOVE Oregon!!! The Western part that is.
I wanted to post This picture of my oldest Son J when I wrote his birthday post on the 17th, but I was unable to locate it in time. Now that the weather has cooled I had more energy to look for it. Normally I keep it in his baby book, but with the wedding last year I had it out and hadn't put it back. 'My bad'
P.S. This baby was born to a blonde haired, fair skinned, blue eyed Mom and a red headed, fair skinned, hazel eyed dad. Genetics are a funny thing....I guess the little bit of Native American in me kicked in. Both him and his auburn haired sister have brown eyes. Go figure!
Here he is....or should I say was 23 years ago.........what a doll.


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