At home now

The new family is resting at home now. I have had some contact with them via text messaging today but I am trying to leave them alone and let them have their space and family time. Ems Mom is bringing dinner for them so they are taken care of there. Pray for health for them and wisdom. I hear C wore a preemie outfit home. One we bought for him. It is a shorts and tank top outfit. They sent me a pic and he looked adorable....of course! It's hard being a new parent but even harder being a new grand parent. At least when the baby was mine I could hold it when I wanted and do what I thought was best for the baby. This hands off stuff is tough! Hands off and mouth shut! After all....I don't know very much I only gave birth to 4 babies....what could I possibly know!?!?! To be perfectly honest, so far that feeling other people told me about hasn't hit. That "it's better being a grandparent" stuff. So far I don't agree but time will tell. Maybe it's when the baby gets older. I will let you know.
Right now I am thankful Mommy and baby are well and at home.


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