'Creature Feature' The Test

I had a test today and I believe I passed. Let me set the scene. I had planned to go to our public library today with my kids. Thought we would check out a couple of books, go down the street to the Fairview City Park and I would read while they played on the play structures. As I was standing at the desk getting library cards for the two little ones, one of the librarians said "I am off to go and help the Reptile Man." Her and another librarian had a short discussion about passing out fliers to the event. I kept my head down, fumbling in my purse when I briefly looked up and the woman who was about to head out the door said, the Reptile Man will down at the park at 2 and he will have 'hands on' creatures and he is a great teacher and blah blah blah. Then the other librarian hands me the flier. I quickly look at the clock and it's 1:30. So I head back to my kids in the reading area and know...deep down in my heart, that place that Mom's have reserved for their kids. That place which tells them, "the kids would love it" "it won't hurt you to take them" "it's for the sake of the kids." you know that place! You know, that same place that says give a 2 yr old an ice cream cone on a hot day even if they are wearing a new outfit. So we check our books out and head to the park. I text my Son J (my snake loving, bug loving, anything creepy crawling loving little boy who happens to be inside a mans body and at home with his new baby son) about the 'Reptile Man.' We all adjourn at the park and I pick a nice shaded area at the back of the small crowd.
Ok...ok....so I must say the 'Reptile Man' actually known as http://creaturefeaturereptilezoo.com/Welcome.html was VERY entertaining and educational. I even found myself saying (in regards to a Viper) wow...that is pretty. YES...my kids were thrilled. From the little 4 yr old to the 23 yr old. They were able to see a python, a King Cobra, different lizards, a rattle snake and a Barking Gecko. Yes...barking. It was a little thing with a big bark and a nasty bite. On his website you can see pictures of the creatures he brought. He didn't have the 'gator' or the legless lizard or the turtle but he had enough to entertain.

The kids were able to wear (yes, I said wear) a milk snake around their neck (ewwww) get kissed on the nose by a blue tongued Skink, and hold and pet an Albino Python. Also, my son J dared me to the touch the python....I couldn't let him win that dare. I had to show him I can do what I set my mind to. So I touched it. I touched it's belly....far away from it's head. For anyone who doesn't like snakes or bugs or worms...you know that electrical shock you get when you see one or touch one....well I will tell you the current was running strong yesterday. From my finger tip to my shoulder to my heart!!! All within a split second.

I didn't have my camera with me but I will post a few pics I took with my phone. My son J did get some good pics though.

So, yesterday I passed the test...it was just a pop quiz...but I passed with flying colors. I love my kids.


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