Birthday Boy

Ahhhh, this is my precious Kyler (Ky for short). He is a treasure to my heart. He is my first grandson. He is not my biological grandson but he is the grandson of my heart. I am his Nana. He loves me...I mean my house because I have trains that run directly behind it. He is the greatest train lover I have ever met in my life. They live in Eastern Oregon so I see them once to twice a year. Not enough but Mommy does stay in contact.
Ky has a little sister named Kaylee (Ka for short) and a baby sister on the way. She will be delivered on September 12th.

Anyways, yesterday was Ky's SIXTH birthday. They were heading to the mountains to go camping and he was VERY excited. So here is my boy Ky. So handsome, so sweet, and such a blessing to my life.

Happy Birthday Buddy!


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